Muhiuddin Sheikh Ali: MSD reunited Syrian society

Muhiuddin Sheikh Ali said that the forum of the Syrian clans was a step to awaken the Syrian people, and made clear to the international community and the international powers that the crisis can be resolved within Syria.

On May 3 a forum was held for the Syrian clans under the auspices of MSD, and was attended by representatives of 70 Syrian clans. The latest developments in the region and the role of the clans were discussed at the current stage.

In this context, the secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti) Muhiuddin Sheikh Ali told our agency that after the outbreak of the Syrian revolution and its transformation into a crisis since 8 years ago, and with the participation of all the dignitaries of the Syrian clans from the 14 Syrian provinces for the Syriac, Assyrian, Muslim, Christian, Alawite and Ismaili communities under the umbrella of MSD a Syrian forum for the clans was held in Ain Issa district, "This is why this forum is important, and therefore it was respected and appreciated by the Syrian people in general."

The forum reunited the Syrian society

On the importance of holding such meetings, Sheikh Ali pointed out that the Syrian Democratic Council which is the political umbrella of SDF which defeated Daesh and became known for its struggle, humanity, and strength and has the right to hold such forum which reunited the Syrian society with all its components.

He pointed out that the meeting of Ain Issa was not against anyone, it was not against Russia and was not against Turkey and was not against the Syrian regime, and said: "But the forum was to reconcile the components of the Syrian people among themselves, and get to know each other's opinions.

The Syrian regime should not obstruct the holding of such national meetings.

The Russian, Turkish and the Syrian regime statements were futile

On the statements made by the Syrian regime, the Russian and the Turkish in connection with the forum held in the area of Ain Issa and they accused the participants of separatists, Sheikh Ali said that this is not the first time that these parties issue such accusations because the forum was held under the auspices of MSD and attended by the Kurds so that the Baath Party Chauvinism and the Justice and Development Party accused the participants of separatists.

Sheikh Ali Explained that the charges of the Syrian regime and the Turkish statements to the Kurdish people is incorrect, and said: "The truth is that the Kurdish people seek brotherhood and coexistence with all components of Syria."

Sheikh Ali pointed out that the negative Russian statements issued against the Ain Issa forum are the result of the Russian-Turkish agreements, which were held under the umbrella of the meetings of Astana and Sochi, that negative statements made by Russia, Turkey and the Syrian regime have no effect on the people of the region.



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