Mulla Ibrahim: Ocalan's thought able to solve all Middle East crises

Member of the Administrative Council of the Democratic Union Party in the city of Al-Hasakah said that the project of the democratic nation that originates from the ideology of the leader Abdullah Ocalan in the Middle East can solve all its crises, pointing out that all the victories of the northeast of Syria are the result of people's resistance and trust in the project of the democratic nation.

In light of the world condition of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, the United Nations call to stop fighting operations, conflicts and intensify efforts to  curb the pandemic, the Turkish occupation continues with its fascist and repressive policy against peoples of the Middle East, especially the Kurdish people in all parts Kurdistan.

Despite the agreements signed between the Turkish occupation and the operating powers in the region like the Russia and the US, the occupation still launches its attacks on the peoples of the regions of northeast Syria, where observers believe that its aim is to eliminate the security and stability of the region and create strife among the peoples of the region.

Turkey has become a hotspot for the novel Coronavirus. The Turkish authorities keep silent about the leader health and prevent his family or his lawyer from meeting him to verify his health.

Member of the Administrative Council of the Democratic Union Party in Al-Hasakah, Shams al-Din Mulla Ibrahim, explained to Hawar News that "in 1998, as a result of the Turkish state's threats to the leader Ocalan, he had to leave Syria to find solutions to the Kurdish  Cause in particular and the Middle East in general."

Mullah Ibrahim added, "The arrest of the leader was plot hatched among the dominant powers in the world, such as Israeli intelligence, MIT and NATO intelligence, because the leader's thinking and philosophy is against authoritarian regimes."

The Turkish authorities have been imposing strict isolation on Ocalan since 2015, as they prevent lawyers and the family from meeting him, except for some shy meetings,  all visit requests submitted are rejected under false pretenses.

And Mulla Ibrahim notes that the project of the democratic nation presented by Ocalan in its volumes and arguments has been applied in the regions of northeast Syria, and on its basis, strong ties have been built between the peoples of the region, and he said, "But the Turkish occupation target the statue of the people brotherhood and the democratic project in the region. "

Mulla Ibrahim mentioned the success of the democratic nation in the northeast of Syria and the Middle East by saying " It has resolved all the crises and difficulties that the people were facing. If this project is presented in the Middle East, all obstacles will be solved, for this reason the Turkish state tried in various ways to impose isolation on the leader and eliminate his ideology. "

He pointed out that the superpowers interest with Turkey make ignore its crimes, and added, "Taking advantage of the silence, Turkey is trying to reconstruct the structure of its Ottoman ancestors in accordance with the Milli Pact signed in 1923."

At the end of his speech, he touched on the victories of the northeast of Syria, saying, "All victories are the result of people's resistance, solidarity and trust in the project of the democratic nation, and through the July 19 Revolution the people recognized its identity and existence."

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