Mulla Omar: Turkey fights people who confront dictatorship regimes 

Najm al-Din Mulla Omar explained that the Turkish occupation does not target only the Kurdish people, but all segments of society in the region, and said: "Turkey is against all oppressed peoples who demand democracy, unification of peoples, and liberation of dictatorial regimes."

The Turkish occupation army has launched intense attacks on several areas in Kurdistan, north and east Syria, since June 16 and until now it has launched the attacks on Başûr Kurdistan, without clarifying any political or military stance from the Iraqi government, while the People's Defense Forces HPG are responding to these attacks, and heroic epics had been achieved, to prevent expansion The influence of the Turkish occupation on the territory of Kurdistan.

The General Secretary of the Kurdistan Communist Party, Najm al-Din Mulla Omar, explained to our agency: “The Ottomans have been distinguished from the eternity by the occupational Turanian culture in the extermination of peoples, and the Kurdish people in particular, because the Kurdish people are democratic and demanding peace and equality in Kurdistan, its holy land.”

The Kurds represent peace in the Middle East

He talked about the Kurds are peaceful component, they have no injustice and oppression for anyone, this thing is not in favor of countries hostile to the Kurds, because are distinguished by their ethics and valuable principles, their ethnic culture, their love for peace, and the richness of Kurdistan.”

Najm al-Din explained that the Kurdish people are struggling for freedom and dignity and the liberation the people who are close of them, seek for establishing life on the basis of equality, brotherhood and democracy, and stressed that the Kurds represent the line of peace in the Middle East, and therefore they are subjected to attacks amid international silence.

Mullah Omar pointed out that Turkey, through its attacks and policies, reoccupied the areas that had been occupied by the Ottomans for centuries as Mosul, Kirkuk and Rojava, to spread ignorance, backwardness and slavery, and said: "The attacks of the Turkish occupation target not only the Kurdish people, but all segments of society in the region, meaning It is against all oppressed peoples who demand democracy, unification of peoples, and liberation of dictatorial regimes. "

Najm al-Din called on all Kurdish political, national and national forces in particular to unify their ranks, and said: "Because the attacks do not target a specific region but rather target Kurdistan in general, and the existence of the Kurds depends on its unity, and the wounds and pains of the Kurds and their medication are the same."

On the Iraqi government's stance on Turkish attacks, he said: "The Baghdad government was supposed to oppose the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on its territory. The government has not shown any response or serious stance, and the Iraqi government must repel these attacks that violate the sovereignty of Iraqi lands."

The unity must be formed by military forces

Mullah Omar urged the importance of forming unity and uniting the military forces, saying: "It is necessary for the military forces to unite their ranks, that is (the Peshmerga and Guerilla forces), because the enemies of the Kurdish people agree to exterminate the Kurds from all sides, politically and militarily, and launch attacks in various ways."

Mulla Omar stressed the necessity of supporting all political and military forces in Başûr Kurdistan for the Popular Defense Forces, standing in the face of the Turkish occupier, and making Kurdistan a cemetery for the Turkish regime and its soldiers, and also called on the Kurdish people to support the heroic resistance shown by HPG in Heftanin and the mountains of Kurdistan.

The Secretary of the Kurdistan Communist Party appealed to all political parties, military forces and intellectuals to avoid personal and party interests, and to achieve their unity and the establishment of the Kurdish national unity.



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