​​​​​​​Municipalities Commission in Afrin... continuous work, services within preventing emergence of Corona

The Municipalities Committee of Afrin region continues the sterilization campaigns to prevent the emergence of the Corona virus, and provides its services in light of the curfew applied in northern and eastern Syria. Furthermore, the co-chair of the committee confirmed that the people abide by all the decisions issued by them.

The Corona virus has turned into a global pandemic, resulting in complete paralysis of movement among the largest cities in the world after its rapid spread, recording thousands of cases of infection and death.

In northern and eastern Syria, and to prevent its emergence, the Autonomous Administration approved a curfew starting from March 23, amid a series of preventive and precautionary measures, the foremost of which was the conduct of sterilization campaigns that the People's Municipalities worked on.

In Afrin region, with the increase in the threat of the epidemic in the world, and in implementation of the Autonomous Administration's instructions, the municipalities of the people in al-Shahba canton and Sherawa district are working to carry out their procedures and campaigns for sterilization and cleaning.

Sterilization campaigns are being held in 5 stages

The campaigns started by the Municipalities Committee in the region took place in 5 consecutive stages. The first stage is general sterilization and cleaning in all respects, the removal of public dumps and sewage, in addition to spraying insecticides.

In the second phase, all centers, institutions, communes, schools and mosques were sterilized with special sterile materials.

As for the third stage, spraying all the streets, squares and markets with sterile materials, in addition to continuing the fourth stage by spraying smog and fog pesticides, and the fifth stage will end with spraying the houses with sterilizers.

In this regard, the co-chair of the Municipalities Committee in Afrin Malak Hussein said: "Sterilization continues intensively and daily, and the campaigns in the camps will be more than villages and districts, as they witness a large gathering of the displaced."

She noted that their campaigns will continue for 6 months.

In addition, the Municipal Committee seeks to carry out awareness-raising campaigns to familiarize the residents with ways to prevent and maintain the public hygiene, and to post banners in this regard in all areas within the main squares and the entrances to the camps.

The Control Committee works to control prices

In the event of the curfew, and excluding foodstuff stores from the ban, some merchants took advantage of the matter and worked to raise the prices of the items and monopolize them. To prevent this, the Consumer Protection Officer is working on conducting continuous visits to the shops to monitor their work.

In this context, Malak indicated, "The police are working to prevent some merchants from exploiting citizens under the curfew."

Parents are bound by the instructions and decisions issued

The Crisis Cell in Afrin region met on the 30th of last March and issued some new decisions, including closing stores at 16:00, closing crossings leading to al-Shahba canton, and delivering goods at barriers to prevent the appearance of the Corona virus.

On this, Malak said: The decisions are well implemented by the people, as they adhere to all health instructions.

Supplying homes with electricity for additional hours and increasing the amount of water distributed

As the people stayed in their homes, the People's Municipalities worked to supply the homes with additional hours of electrical current, and to change the operating times of the old generators.

The operation starts from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m., and in the evening, from 07:00 to 00:00.

With calls for families to maintain public and private hygiene, the quantities of water discharged increased, which called on the Municipal Committee to increase the quantities of water distributed to the residents.

In this regard, the co-chair of committee Malak Hussein said: "The water is distributed according to the urgent need for hygiene, asking the people to stay at home to prevent the emergence of the Corona virus.

The Health Body in North and East Syria confirmed that no cases of Corona virus had been recorded until now, amid the continued curfew imposed for 15 days, which could be extended if necessary.


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