Muslim: Ocalan's role must not be ignored

Saleh Muslim said that the role and proposals of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan cannot be ignored in finding a solution to the crisis in the Middle East in general and Syria in particular in the next stage.

The Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Ocalan met with his lawyer on 22 May and on 26 May. During a press conference, the lawyers read the letter of the Kurdish people's leader and said that he was waiting for the hunger strikers to finish their strike. In the same statement, Ocalan made clear that he would play a positive role in resolving the Syrian crisis, if he had the opportunity.

On the issue of the Kurdish people in Syria, the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan said, "The Syrian issue must be resolved within Syria, and if possible, I will play a positive role in resolving the crises experienced by Syria, including the Kurdish Cause, and through my thoughts and proposals through which I aim to solve the crises, I will solve the Syrian crisis, and the rights of the Kurdish people and all other peoples must be safeguarded within the constitution."

At the beginning of the meeting conducted by Hawar news agency (ANHA) with Saleh Muslim, he touched upon the resistance shown by Leyla Guven, and pointed out that such resistance was rare in history. "This resistance has made the Turkish state to implement its laws," he said.

'Our struggle is to protect the democratic nation's project'

Saleh Muslim noted, "The Kurdish people's leader, Abdullah Ocalan, takes the protection and safeguarding the rights of the people as a basis for himself." He added, "The leader's approach is a legacy of the peoples of the Middle East. For this reason, the people consider the leader as a peoples' leader, and therefore, we also follow this approach, and we must protect and preserve the nation's democratic project, which is consolidated in the north and east of Syria because this project guarantees the rights of the peoples. Our struggle is on this basis, and the message of leader Ocalan is in this context."

'The positive role of leader Ocalan is our demand

Muslim said that Ocalan would have a positive role in resolving the Syrian crisis, and he continued by saying, "If the leader gave the field, and the parties to the conflict agreed, I expect that the leader will play a major role in resolving the Syrian crisis. Now in Syria, all countries intervene in the crisis according to their interests, that is why there is no solution, but the leader Ocalan with his democratic thought, proposals and views can change this situation."

'In order to solve and achieve security, the role of leader Ocalan must not be overlooked'

About Abdullah Ocalan's view on the Syrian crisis, Saleh Muslim said, "The Kurdish people played an important role in the region through the resistance and the activities that were organized to end the isolation imposed on the leader Ocalan. It has been clear that the heart of the Kurdish people is in Imarli, so if they respect this people, they must respect its leader because leader Ocalan does not say anything wrong as he is struggling for the people's fraternity and the democratic nation, if they really want to solve the Syrian crisis."

'Turkey is violating the sensitivity of the situation'

He said, "We take the sensitivity of the Turkish state take into consideration, and we have previously taken this point into consideration. We have not attacked Turkey as a state or as a people, rather, we have defended ourselves, and we take this sensitivity into consideration and we will continue to do so, but according to my conviction, the leader's message is not for us alone, but for the other side as well. The Turkish mentality that says that "the good Kurd is the dead Kurd" must be changed. The will of the Kurdish people must be respected, but what violations the Turkish state is doing in Afrin, and the entire north and east of Syria indicate that the Turkish state is in violation of this sensitivity."



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