Muslim: self-defence should be strengthened

Saleh Muslim urged people in NES to take necessary measures to stand up to Turkish occupation forces that adopt annihilation policy.

Saleh's words came as he commented on the Ain Issa massacre by the Turkish occupation forces that claimed lives of four people in the village of Sefawiye in eastern Ain Issa District.

House of citizen Zaiydan Khelef Issa was targeted with a tank shell today before dawn in which the father, 54, and his children Ziyad, Muna and Huda were killed as information oin mother and a son remain obscure as they were transferred into Raqqa.

This is the second of its kind, for just days ago a Kurdish family was killed in Konya in Turkey by Turkish fascist elements.

Member of the Co-chairmanship of the Union Democratic Party, Saleh Muslim, commented '' the Turkish state is worse than Hitler, it must be bridled''.

Muslim held Russia and Syrian government accountable for continued massacres by Turkey,'' barbaric actions are committed under the nose of the whole world. There is an increase in attacks against Kurds' resistance. Turkey has become more fierce and strikes everywhere,  a similar massacre was committed in Konya. The aim is ethnic cleansing. Our people ought to be vigilant. So alternative to resistance'', Muslim said.

''Turkey has broken militarily, diplomatically, economically and politically. It strikes at civilians everywhere. Many countries provided guarantees to ceasefire but Turkish attacks did not stop and civilians continue to be killed, even martyrs are being desecrated by Turkey. Making statements are not suffice. An enemy like the Turkish state ought to be addressed internationally''.

On presence by the Russian as well as the Syrian force Muslim said '' these people were killed in a place Russian and Syrian forces are present, they are supposed to observe ceasefire but civilians are not protected. Russia and the Damascus government are accountable for these massacres. We have no course but strengthen our defences''.



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