​​​​​​​Mustafa Hanifi: Kurdish parties have failed to contain the Kurdish political crisis

Coinciding with the loud voices calling for unity of the Kurdish class, and given the crucial necessity that necessitates holding a conference that would be a base for a unity that includes all Kurdish parties, the Kurdish Progressive Democratic Party in Syria appealed to the political parties to return to the dialogue table, and decide on the issue of political dissonance among them that serves external agendas .

The Kurdish Progressive Democratic Party in Syria includes its voice to the voices of those calling for the building of a Kurdish unity that meets the people's call, in conjunction with calls made in Kurdish circles about the necessity of achieving unity between the Kurdish forces and political parties, in order to confront the crucial stage in which the Kurdish people live.

Mustafa Hanifi, a member of the Political Bureau of the Kurdish Progressive Democratic Party in Syria, says that Kurdish political parties have failed to attain the rights of their people as a result of the contradictions and political interests in which these parties live.

He notes that "after the crisis in Syria in all its regions, the political parties made a series of mistakes, and this created political incoherence between them, which contributed to the danger approaching the Kurds."

He added, "We the Kurds have yet to reach a level of political awareness that causes us to overcome narrow partisan differences, to reach an agreement that creates a political consensus that represents the Kurdish people."

With regard to the Kurdish National Council, Hanifi says, "Our party left the Kurdish National Council for many reasons, among which was that the Kurdish National Council is part of the coalition, and the latter is distinguished by the Muslim Brotherhood, so the party withdrew from the council, and the Progressive Party took the decision to preserve Syrian privacy."

He also clarified that since the beginning of the crisis, the Progressive Party appealed for the achievement of the Kurdish unity, and continued, "Before the Turkish intervention, the party's political bureau expressed its position, and appealed to the Kurdish parties for dialogue, after which 14 Kurdish parties met because we are aware of Turkish ambitions in the region."

Regarding the Kurdistan National Congress, KNK, Mustafa said that the Progressive Party was unable to join the conference, relying on this from different points of view.

Mustafa Hanifi saw that "there is a threat to the Kurdish people, and the Kurdish parties will not be able to gain access to the rights of this people unless there is a political consensus."

Stressing that the danger is still great for the Kurdish presence in Syria, expressing his hope that the Kurdish political parties will reach a political consensus that includes the Kurds in general in one house and serve the interests of this people and restore its rights.



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