MXDŞ confirms commitment to Iraq unity

The final statement of the Fourth Congress of the Democratic Autonomous Administration Council in Shingal, which included Shia in its structure, reiterated the administration's commitment to the unity of Iraqi territory and stressed that the administration was a model for resolving Iraq's issues, calling on the latter to recognize them.

On Friday morning, the activities of the Fourth Congress of the Democratic Autonomous Administration Council-  in Shingal Province was held under the slogan" Autonomous Administration Represents a Bridge to Reach Freedom", with the participation of 250 members from various social groups in Shingal, as well as the presence of representatives of Yazidis from Russia and Europe.

The Congress was attended by Christian and Shia personalities as guests of the Congress, as well as the participation of all components of Shingal. The Conference aims primarily to serve as a model for resolving all differences in other Iraqi regions. In this context, Democratic Autonomous Administration Council- Shingal issued the final statement of the Congress:

We must take into consideration the events that occur in the worldwide, such as NATO meeting, Iranian elections, as well as plenty of events the area is going though, Iraqi parliamentary elections 2021 that is supposed to be held on 10th next October, all these events have great effect on Shingal, being part of the current policies in the region, and holding such as this Congress is very essential for the Yazidis community, particularly all the forces in the area that are trying to exploit the chance to impose its influence in serving foreign countries.

Fourth Congress of the Autonomous Administration was important at this stage of the Middle East's policy, most importantly of all the resolutions is the determination to achieve Democratic Autonomous Administration of Shingal, this decision was adopted by the representatives of Yazidi community who attended the Fourth Congress with massive participation from all components of Shingal, Europe and Russia. On that basis, they called on Iraqi Government and the world to recognize of Shingal administration.

Iraqi Government must know that the Administration does not intend to divide Iraqi territory as promoted by certain political forces in Iraq and Kurdistan, but rather protects the national sovereignty of Shingal and offers a new solution and model for Iraq as a whole, as being protected by Iraqi constitution and the Yazidis have the rights to build and organize themselves.

Congress addressed in detail the agreement concluded between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Democratic Party on October 9th, 2020, which does not serve the members of the Yazidi community, but rather aims to blow up the Autonomous Administration that was made by the martyrs' blood of Shingal, and this agreement amounts to a new genocide against the Yazidis, but this time under the name of the law.

At this point in the Middle East, especially in Iraq, where fundamental protection is indispensable, there are fears for the people of the Yazidi community, and to prevent the recurrence of previous massacres we cannot hand over our will to any other force. Many forces in Iraq have tried to end the Asayişa Êzidxanê, but we have not abandoned this force because it protects Shingal from within, Shingal Protection Units and Women Units, the YBŞ/YJŞ   are protecting the region from any danger, and we will seek to strengthen these military forces that have liberated and now protect Shingal and Iraq from any danger.

Congress also addressed the situation of Yazidi in Kurdistan Democratic Union PDK-controlled camps and all other camps around the world. Those displaced in the camps are in fact being detained after being blockaded. We call on all displaced Yazidi to return to Shingal and rebuild it because the freedom of the Yazidi is linked to the freedom of Shingal.

This Congress is considered as Yazidis Union to work and organize themselves under the umbrella of the Autonomous Administration. In order to strengthen AA, the sons of the Shia component joined this administration to represent the Shia component, and this is an important step in the work of the Autonomous Administration, which has become a model for a solution in Iraq.

ISIS attacks on Shingal must also be recognized as genocide, and the international recognition of ISIS attacks on Shingal as genocide and recognition of the current administration of Shingal will be intensified.

For years we have been working in Autonomous Administration to reach the rights of the Yazidi community and to achieve and recognize AA, and all members of the Council have been credited with the Shingal Judiciary, who worked hard in serving Shingal. "



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