N, E Syria components: his thought giving freedom hope to peoples, conspiracy got him

The component of north and east Syria pointed out that the philosophy and ideology of the democratic nation's leader Abdullah Ocalan gives the people of the area a hope to get rid of the racist ideology, and create a free and democratic society and targeting Ocalan through international conspiracy is a target of the peace project and peoples’ brotherhood.


An international conspiracy against the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, was plotted on 15 February 1999 by a number of regional and international countries, in view of the philosophy espoused by the leader Ocalan on the Kurdish issue and all oppressed peoples in the Middle East. The components of north and east Syria perceive this conspiracy not only the Kurds by the personality of Ocalan, but also targeted all the peoples, because Ocalan has given the people of the region hope to get rid of injustice and tyranny.


Ocalan's ideology became a lighthouse in the Middle East

George Yousef of the Syriac component: Commenting on the conspiracy against the leader Ocalan, pointed out that the Syriac component in Tirbespiyê district that the emergence of the leader Ocalan during the eighties of last century gave the peoples a hope to get rid of the racist national ideology, which the occupation countries saw a danger on their colonial polices, which were established on the basis of one party, one thought  and one flag, thus violating the rights of other peoples.

He confirmed that the ideology of Ocalan became a lighthouse in the Middle East as all the components found their freedom within the liberal democratic ideology.

Nasim Shamo from the Yazidi component noted, the international conspiracy against the leader Ocalan is a continuation of the occupation countries polices against the Kurdish revolutions since ancient times, and those countries were destroying the revolution by killing its leader or arrest, and we found the opposite with the revolution of the leader Abdullah Ocalan because it is a social, cultural, human and liberal revolution and adopted by most segments of society in Kurdistan. "

Osama Hamad from the Arab component: the conspiracy targeted all the components of the region who demanded freedom after centuries of injustice and tyranny, and this is what the capitalist states considered a threat to their interests, so they concluded this conspiracy, which aborted by the leader by his international ideology since the first day.

Fermas Mohammed: A member of the training committee in the area of ​​Girkê Legê district, Varmas Mohammed pointed out that one of the most prominent reasons for the strict isolation of the leader Ocalan is the proposal of the democratic nation project, which is the only project to resolve conflicts in the Middle East, and to prevent the arrival of the directives of the leader Ocalan to the peoples eager for freedom.


The occupation of Afrin and the international conspiracy are in one crucible

The people of Afrin who met with Abdullah Ocalan, clarified that the occupation of Afrin and the international conspiracy against Ocalan are in one crucible, and stressed that the goal is to genocide the Kurdish people.

The citizen Farida Faeq: She met Ocalan 5 times in the seventies, said" the ideology of Ocalan has spread quickly in the Middle East, in my meetings with him, he always wanted to protect people from injustice, slavery and oppression. She put the occupation of Afrin and the conspiracy against Ocalan in the same crucible, saying: "The goal is to exterminate the Kurdish people. The occupation of Afrin is an international occupation and Turkey is carried it out, we will not give up our leader. " 

Shazia Ibrahim, who met Ocalan in 1991, said that the plot was continuing against the Kurdish people, and we are now fighting to release the leader from Imrali prison. We support the hunger strike in Bakur (north Kurdistan), demanding the release of the leader. "

Youth of Afrin

We continue to struggle on Ocalan's approach

Sabri Jawish: We confirm that this conspiracy failed thanks to the resistance of Ocalan and application of his thoughts on the ground and spread among the peoples liberated by the democratic nation project, Turkey will not be able to remove the leader from us because we fight his ideology and philosophy, and we will continue to resist his approach.

The young woman Zilan Khalil: No one can any longer get rid of the ideology and philosophy of Ocalan because it became a reality after peoples adopted it on one hand,  on the other hand thanks to this ideology which liberated women who led the struggle and revolution and with the revolutionary spirit, women will break the isolation of Imrali " she saluted the resistance of the parliamentarian Leyla Guven, who is in a hunger strike for about 100 days demanding to lift the isolation of Ocalan and gain his freedom.

If they imprison Ocalan’s body, his mind is free and among us

Mohammad al-Hamdan of the Turkmen component: We, the Turkmen component in Girê Spî canton, denounce this international conspiracy that targeted the leader Abdullah Ocalan twenty years ago, if the plot imprisoned Ocalan physically, but intellectually he is free and his ideology and philosophy reached all the peoples of the world and is now applied in the northern regions and the east of Syria through co-existence and peoples’ brotherhood."

Lucyian Matosian of the Armenian component: The international conspiracy against the leader Ocalan aimed at stopping his ideology and philosophy, and were able to imprison him but they could not restrain his thought, which exists among us with his ideology and democratic project by applying his philosophy among the components of the north and east of Syria, women was oppressed and marginalized, but they have been able to highlight their role in society, be effective in it, know their rights as well as their effective participation in committees and institutions."



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