N, E Syria Women’s Council: Year after year, women renew resolve to combat discrimination

The Women’s Council in Northern and Eastern Syria said that year after year, women in all parts of the world renew their resolve and determination to move forward in combating discriminatory measures against them, and renew their pledge to continue the struggle started by the world's women

On the occasion of November 25, the Women's Council for Northern and Eastern Syria issued a written statement.

The statement included:

“The United Nations General Assembly declared on November 25 that in 1999 the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, every year, and in all parts of the world, women renew their resolve and determination to press ahead in combating discriminatory measures against them, which are still going at a high pace despite all international agreements and resolutions that promote equality, justice and protection of women from violence, such as the Beijing and CEDAW agreements, the Istanbul Convention and Resolution 1325.

Throughout history, women have been subjected to all kinds of violence, due to the domination of the male mentality over society and the inability of society to get rid of the prevailing stereotypical thinking, which devotes everything that would degrade women and limit their role in building and developing society, though the woman faced cruelty and hostility, she did not give up, and still continuing in her struggle, so the cry of rejection "Mirabal" sisters launched in the face of injustice and tyranny against the dictator of the Dominican Republic "Rafael Trujillo", which cost them their lives, as they were killed with unparalleled brutality, and their killing was the end separating between two stages, the women derived their strength and determination from their courage, and the violence that ended the Mirabal sisters' lives had put the international community before its responsibilities, so that the day of their murder was declared an unforgettable date.

We are in the Women’s Council in Northern and Eastern Syria, as we remember this day, and we renew the pledge to continue the struggle in continuation of the path that women have started in the world, which will not stop easily , and we, out of our firm belief in the rightness and justice of the cause of women, will work to lift the injustice and violence against the Syrian woman in light of the bloody conflict that Syria has been experiencing for more than ten years, especially in the areas under Turkish occupation, and its mercenary factions in Afrin, Tal Abyad and Serekaniye, and that the violations that women are subjected to in these areas amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity, as documented in the report of the Independent Commission of the Human Rights Council at the United Nations. "

Long live women's struggles all over the world

Victory is the ally of just causes, including the cause of women



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