Naisseh: SDF's victory is decisive opportunity to solve Syrian crisis

The Syrian opposition lawyer and human rights activist Aktham Naisseh described the victory of SDF over Daesh as a decisive opportunity for the political parties to solve the Syrian crisis, calling on all political and military parties inside and outside to unite the ranks to achieve the victory of free, democratic and secular thought.

On March 21, SDF achieved a military victory against Daesh by liberating the last stronghold of mercenaries in the village of al-Bagouz. In response to the victory, the Syrian opposition lawyer and human rights activist Aktham Naisseh said: "The victory of SDF is not the result of the moment, it is the result of long-term fighting and bitter struggle against Daesh to achieve the free thought."

Naisseh pointed out that the victory of SDF is not only a Syrian victory but rather a regional and global victory, as a result of the terrorist organization's threat to neighboring countries and Western countries. SDF managed to reduce the danger of Daesh on neighboring countries and reducing its terrorist operations that were planning to target European countries. He pointed out that the statements and congratulations that congratulated this victory confirm the importance of this victory internationally. 

He noted that the victory of SDF opened many new scenarios, possibilities and challenges adding, "The most important of these challenges is the intellectual conflict, the most important one, which is the struggle of democratic thought and secular values against the dark thought."

And on the roles of the political and military parties of Syria and the international to meet the challenges to fight the extremist ideology left behind by Daesh, Naisseh said  "All internal and external political and military parties must unite to support SDF and its political wing, and join efforts to achieve security and stability, eliminate and defeat extremist ideology."

On the other hand, he called on those parties, saying, "It is also politically necessary to combine efforts locally and internationally to build a new Syria based on the values of democratic concept to establish a new situation capable of carrying a project resistant to authoritarian thought to reach a political solution respects and appreciates the other party with all spaciousness, to overcome the jihadist nationalist ideology.

He pointed out that the achievements of SDF throughout its military career and its recent victory provided new data and if properly invested, it will provide a Syrian-Syrian political solution to the Syrian crisis, and provided conditions and an opportunity that will not be repeated to all Syrian political forces and groups who wish to find a solution to the Syrian crisis. The values of freedom and justice to sit at the table of Syrian-Syrian dialogue, and must be invested and not ignored this opportunity by those who appeal for the peaceful solution.

As for the effect of this military benefit on the political side of its political wing, the Syrian opposition activist Aktham Naisseh said, "This victory has elevated SDF and their political wing represented by MSD to a new stage. The process of developing the political situation and its forces and its political wing and AA has become an important part in the Syrian and regional political equation.

He concluded pointing out that the initiative of the Syrian Democratic Council(MSD) and the conferences held in Autonomous Administration(AA) areas of North and East of Syria is of great importance to Syria, but not enough, and the Syrian-Syrian dialogue must be expanded and the convening of these political conferences in order to protect the gains achieved in Syria so far, until reaching a comprehensive Syrian-Syrian conference and dialogue that brings together all the Syrian political forces.



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