National Accord Government refuses cease-fire in Libya

The Libyan National Accord Government has rejected a Russian call to stop fighting in Libya, a government spokesman said.

" The National Accord Government has announced its position on the armistice and has rejected it for its full knowledge that it is an attempt to buy time and save Haftar and his forces from successive defeats," said Mohammed al-Qiblawi, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Libyan reconciliation government.

On Wednesday, National Accord Government’s forces launched a new military attack on the city of Tarhuna, which is of strategic importance for the Libyan army, with Turkish air and sea support, in preparation for storming it.

On Wednesday, the Libyan army said that the Turkish-backed National Accord Government’s forces carried out an air and naval military attack on the city of Tarhuna using Grad rockets and Turkish battleships, all of which targeted civilian sites.

A statement from the media center of Al-Karama Operations Room stated that Tarhuna city was bombed by more than 20 Grad rockets and strikes from Turkish battleships, all of which targeted residential neighborhoods and an educational school, while the National Accord Government’s forces reported the destruction of air defense systems belonging to the Libyan army.

The city of Tarhuna is the last stronghold of the Libyan army in western Libya, and it is the main port of entry to the capital, Tripoli, and a strategic base to attack it. Today, it has become a target for Accord Government’s forces, after its control of Al-Wataya air base.

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