National unity parties decry Turkish attacks demand for implementing ceasefire 

National unity parties decry Turkish attacks demand for implementing ceasefire 

The Turkish occupation continues with its aggression against the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, and the failure to abide by international agreements regarding the ceasefire, while the regions of Zarkan, the north of Tal Tamr, and the western and southern regions of Gire Sipi / Tal-Abyed witnessed Turkish bombardment aimed at destroying villages and forcing their inhabitants to migrate, despite the presence of checkpoints for the Russians and the Syrian government. The fall of victims in their ranks and the killing of dozens of civilians before their eyes.

In this regard, the Kurdish national unity parties issued a statement denouncing Turkey's practices and calling on the guarantors of the ceasefire agreement to carry out their duties.

In the text of the statement, a copy of which was received by our agency:

The aggression and brutality of Turkish fascism has become known to all peoples of the world, especially after it appeared for its truth in the recent chaos that the Middle East region is going through, while the great suffering is what the peoples who live with this fascism suffer inside or outside Turkey.

Since the Turkish fascism occupied Afrin and then Girê Spi (Tal Abyad) and Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ain), it brought with it what was left of ISIS and its derivatives after organizing, training and naming them with different names indicating the goals of its sponsor, and given the lack of fascism and its tools for the simplest rules of morals and humanitarian standards, the practices have not stopped. Brutality, including killing, kidnapping, extortion, theft and plunder of public and private property, and entering into disputes among themselves over spoils and influence.

After the occupation of Gire Sipi and Serêkaniyê , the Turkish state concluded two cease-fire agreements with both the United States and the Russian Federation, the aim of which was to curb Turkish fascism and its mercenaries, but the two agreements remained ink on paper, as violence and oppression of civilians in the occupation zones and beyond did not stop, as the continued Turkish drones launched its attacks and dozens of civilians were killed, an example of what happened to the three women in Kobani, and the acts of repression and extortion with the aim of displacement and demographic change did not stop, nor did the bombing with all kinds of weapons stop on the areas adjacent to the ceasefire lines from al-Shahba to eastern Serêkaniyê.

The last thing that the Turkish fascism and its mercenaries are doing is the constant bombing of the Zarkan area and the areas north of Tal Tamr, west and south of Gire Sipi, with the aim of destroying villages and forcing their inhabitants to migrate despite the presence of observation points for the Russians and the Syrian government, casualties among them and the killing of dozens of civilians in front of their sight.

We, in the Kurdish national unity parties, appeal to the United States, which leads the international coalition and is a party to the first ceasefire with Turkey, and the Russian Federation, which is a party to the second ceasefire and has control points on the dividing lines, to carry out their duties, as parties to the two ceasefire agreements. The fire, from stopping this continuous bombardment and the inhuman practices which practiced by Turkey and its mercenaries under its directives, and we also appeal to our people from Arabs, Syriac, Assyrians and Kurds to cling to their land and dignity and realize the dimensions and objectives of these practices, and we also appeal to all political and democratic forces in Syria, North and East, and in the world not to remain silent on the Turkish fascist practices and tools.




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