Near border…Kasab, Idlib, "Anfal" invasions... worst of Turkey, its mercenaries' in Syria…!

The Turkish state, with its support for listed internationally terrorist organizations, has been able to distort the social and cultural heritage of the Syrian people in most areas and is still working to drag other areas to this change. In this dossier, we will focus on the coastal area of ​​Kasab and Idlib governate align to the Turkish border and the most important war crimes Turkey and the mercenaries it supports committed against the prominent religious communities there.

The beginning from the beauty of the Syrian coast, "the town of Kasab" where the worst of hideous campaigns of the Turkish intelligence and Jabhit al-Nusra were committed under "Anfal".

It is true that the town of Kasab, located northwest of the country on the slopes of Mount Aqra'a in the Syrian coast, is known for its beauty and splendid nature, people and civilization throughout history, and of the old Armenian-Christian character. However, once the pages of its people are opened, there will be no page except massacre and violation by the Turkish state that threatened their presence and tried to exterminate them permanently until the present day.

From the April 1909 massacre in the town, in which more than 161 Armenians were killed and the town was burned and almost completely destroyed by Turkish insurgents, to the genocide of 1915 when Turkish authorities ordered the evacuation on July 26 of that year within five days, in the disobedience, the Turkish attack began and during the deportation of the Armenians, more than 5,000 were killed and the rest were forcibly displaced to other countries, such as Jordan and Lebanon. In the 1920s, more than 40 Armenians were victims of the Turkish attacks. Thousands of Armenian families were forced to flee the region in 1938 after fleeing the Turks that cut Iskenderun from Syria, Kasab was separated from Turkey and annexed to Syria, the Turkish authorities seized all of the Armenians' possessions in the villages, hamlets and fields in the areas occupied and cut from Syria.

On 22/3-2014, the most terrible violation was committed by the Turkish state, but the terrorist organizations of Jabhit al-Nusra, Ansar al-Islam and Caucasian fighters, led by Abu Musa al-Shishani and Abu Musallam al-Checheni, supported and backed by Turkish intelligence and its forces and heavy as well as aerial weapons, they attacked Kasab under "al-Anfal battle" where the Frans24 television network reported on the Turkish invasion and its mercenaries to Kasab and mechanism of the Turkish support for them, not only through coordination between the battle leaders of the organizations and the Turkish army, providing information, eavesdropping and artillery support, providing supplicated arms and ammunition,  but also by distancing Syrian jets from the borders of that region, which could not hit groups without circumventing around the Turkish border, as Turkey had already downed a plane before..

The attack forced the displacement of at least 900 Armenian families from the city of Kasab. The mercenaries took hundreds of others hostage as they were unable to flee the town and to inflict physical damage on their property and churches, not to mention the psychological damage they suffered. The Armenian National Commission issued a statement appealing to the international community to protect them from Turkish interference and aggression, calling it "the latest example of Turkish-led violence."

In Idlib ... The disappearance of 15 thousand Christians, and Jabal Samak massacre against Druze to be replaced by the Turkish Uighurs...

The Christians in their various dories live in central Idlib and Jisr al-Shugour and are also distributed among several villages and hamlets in the countryside and the most important of which are al-Jadayda, Yacoubiya, Ghassania, al-Halouz, and Quneya, according to 2010 statistics by Christian sect's report in Idlib, the villages mentioned their number range from 10 to 15 thousand, while the Druze are considered the third component after the Christians in Idlib, where they are concentrated in the villages of Jabal Samak near the city of Haram (Qalib Loza - Kafr Kibla - Banabl - Bshindlnti - Mars - Halle - Tetita - Koko - Bashndlaya - Kafr Mars) The number of Druze in this region is between 9-10 thousand people.

The suffering of the Christians in Idlib began in 2012 when they were attacked by elements of the so-called "Free Army" and the extremist mercenaries supported by Turkey. Thousands of Christians fled to the Syrian interior and Lebanon. In 2013, when Daesh took control of Jisr al-Shughour and its countryside, they started destroying most of the churches there and the bells and on their graves after the mass escape of Christians from the countryside, and at the end of 2014 the tragedy of the Christians reached to the climax when Jabhit al-Nusra took control of the region, the Christians were displaced collectively, and those terrorist groups backed by Turkey began to commit massacres against Christians,

Displaced persons from Idlib revealed facts about beheading and kidnapping of women, men, priests and nuns. The fate of most of them remains unknown to this day. There are no official figures on the number of abducted and dead, and these groups have publicly destroyed more than 33 churches in Quneya and Ghassania, as well as the Virgin Mary statue known to be located before the village of Quneya itself and the statue of St. Georgios,

They also converted the Roman Orthodox Church in the village of Ghassania into a mass grave in December 2013. The Church of the Virgin Mary was destroyed, looted and abused by the soldiers of the Jund al-Aqsa in 2015, and the historic village of Qalib Loza was transformed into a barn for the mercenaries' cattle and feed.

In addition, Hayet Tahrir al-Sham, formerly al-Nusra, publicly supported by Turkey, issued an order in the Idlib region to confiscate "Christian property", i.e. and imposed sanctions on whoever owns or rents property to the Christians or who is the guardian to empty it or they will pay a monthly tax for the property owned by Christians displaced from their areas forcibly and for fear of slaughter.

The slaughter of Druze in Idlib and Turkification of their areas settling Uighurs...!

In order to complete the plans of the Turkish state in its ambitions inside Syria since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, the most egregious violations against the Syrian people took place, in violation of international and humanitarian laws where the Uighurs-displaced from China- were pushed into the Syrian war, and the Druze in Idlib were the biggest victim in this project.

On 10-6-2015, Turkey-backed mercenaries of Jabhit al-Nusra carried out a terrible massacre against the Druze in Qalib Loza village in Jabal Samak. They killed more than 40 Druze men and young men, including sheikhs, some of them slaughtered and others shot in front of their homes and in the streets of the village, the terrorist Abdul Rahman al-Tunisi led this massacre and he is the one ordered the residents to take the children of the Druze to the training legitimate and military closed camps, then began a campaign to confiscate individual weapons from the people of these villages, along with the demand of migrant and Arab terrorists within al-Nusra  of marrying girls of Jabal Samak's villages until they prove their conversion to Islam" which was met with refusal by Druze sheikhs and men, so the mercenaries committed the massacre and destroyed their shrines. According to witnesses, the Druze fled to the Syrian interior and Lebanon, but the numbers are much higher than the number mentioned, because the killing and slaughter were random, and the village was surrounded by cars heavily armed with heavy weapons, and they allowed the killing of all who appeared before them as their leaders called in the wireless devices, "Kill whoever appears in your face."

Daesh organization also threatened the Druze when a Saudi Sharia teacher, Saeed al-Ghamdi, was assigned to teach the Druze in Jabal Samak teachings of Islam or they will be slaughtered. With these threats and massacres, Druze villages were emptied in Idlib and their property was confiscated. Their area was allocated to the Chinese Uighur groups of Turkish origin and the Uzbeks fighting in Jabhit al-Nusra with their families, who were streaming from Turkey to the region with the aim of Turkifying it.

 50 thousand Alawites were expelled, and the most terrible massacre committed against them on the way to displacing them...

As for the Arab Alawites and the Kurds in Syria, they are infidels and non-Muslims in the eyes of Erdogan's government and his mercenaries from Hayet Tahrir al-Sham and the Islamic Turkestani Party. Idlib, estimated to number about 50 thousand, are distributed in the towns of Kafriya and al-Fuwah, and several villages in the Jisr al-Shughour region, and suffered persecution and injustice by the Salafist groups backed by Turkey because of their religion.

In April 2015, mercenaries of al-Nusra and the Islamic Turkistani Party took control of the village of Ashtarbq al-Alwiya in Jisr al-Shughour, killing dozens of Alawites who had taken up arms against them or civilians who had tried to flee. They also kidnapped dozens of women and children from the Alawites as hostages to bargain on with the Syrian regime.

In March 2015, after the full control of the mercenaries of Idlib, they surrounded the towns of Kafria and Fu'aa, which were under the protection of the Syrian regime and committees of the so-called national defense there, to continue until January 2017 after reaching an agreement between Turkey and the regime and Iran mediated by Russia to vacate the two towns for Madaya and Zabadani, during the evacuation on 15 April 2017, the mercenaries targeted displaced Alawites with a car bomb in al-Rashideen area and killed more than 130 civilians and wounded 150 others, mostly children and women.

In the face of this terrorism and the ugliness of their methods in Idlib governate, which made it a pure Salafist region for terrorists from all parts of the world, they are taking shelter today at the Turkish army and the Turkish policy, which formed control points to "protect" its project through "al-Nusra" and Ahrar Sham and other organizations listed on the lists of the global terrorism that occupies the area of ​​Idlib, as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his government trying to legitimize these organizations to form a political and administrative cover within Idlib under the name of "government of rescuing" as a political front of the Hayet Tahrir al-Sham, after emptying Idlib of its original majority of Druze, Christians, Kurds, Ismailis, and a large section of the Arabs who reject the Turkish policies and terrorist groups and the settling terrorist groups from the world and their families and a section of the displaced from the Syrian home after the deals between the Syrian regime and the Turkish state mediated by Russia.



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