Nejem al-Din Omar: Assad's speech deepens Syrian crisis

The secretary of the Kurdistan Communist Party, Nejem al-Din Omar said that the speech of al-Assad will not help solve the Syrian crisis, and that what the regime announced yesterday through its president, Bashar al-Assad, deepens the crisis .


Syrian regime came out with many statements and positions through a speech by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad yesterday to the heads of the local councils in Syria, which dealt with the regime's position on what is happening on the Syrian land said the Kurdish Communist Party Secretary Nejem al-Din Omar during his interview with ANHA.

Omar said that when talking about solutions, we must touch upon the self-initiatives of the parties involved in the solution and the crisis and the cause of the crisis. The Baathist regime, if it seek solutions from the beginning, we would not have been destroyed in Syria, and the destruction that now needs hundreds of billions of dollars.

He said that the statements made by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad did not come within the framework of serving the Syrian people and were not in the right direction because they never touched upon the solution of the Kurdish cause in the first instance. But deepened the Syrian crisis and proved again the extent of intransigence on the approach of the Ba'athist mentality.

Omar pointed out the need to address concrete steps in resolving the Syrian crisis and not to issue speeches that will not benefit the Syrian people

 The solution is not political rhetoric, lectures here and there, killing and resorting to other parties to eliminate the people, but the solution lies in mutual trust and truth and integrity and away from treachery, and the solution is in the project of the Democratic Autonomous Administrations.

He concluded that the solution is through politics, dialogue, and addressing the economy of society, the concerns of the people and the creation Justice and democracy, and recognition of the other.



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