Netanyahu: Hezbollah has secret weapons factory near Beirut airport

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that Hezbollah has a secret "weapons factory" near Beirut airport, which could cause "a new tragedy."

In a speech from West Jerusalem and broadcast in the evening before the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Netanyahu showed a map of a "secret weapons factory" in the southern suburbs of Beirut near the airport of the Lebanese capital, he said, pointing out that this place is located 50 meters from a gas station and company.

Pointing to the map, he said, "I want to show you the entrance to the Hezbollah missile factory," and referring to the bloody explosion that rocked Beirut last August, he warned of "another tragedy" at the alleged weapons depot.

He urged residents of the Jinah neighborhood, south of Beirut, to protest, saying, "You must object to this, because if this warehouse explodes, another tragedy will occur."

He addressed the Lebanese, saying, "Israel has no intention of harming you, but Iran intends to do so. Iran and Hezbollah are intentionally exposing you and your families to a great danger. You must demand that they dismantle these stores."

And he called on the international community to insist that "Hezbollah stop using Lebanon and its citizens as human shields."

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