Netanyahu to Israeli newspaper: We have 3 conditions to complete "Deal of Century"

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has put forward three conditions about the American plan for the Arab-Israeli conflict, known as the "Deal of the Century," which the US President Donald Trump plans to put forward after the end of the Israeli elections scheduled for April 9.


Netanyahu explained in an interview with Israel Hayom newspaper that these conditions are: "To keep all settlements, complete Israeli control over the West Bank, and not to divide the city of Jerusalem."

Netanyahu said: "He will not give the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas," considering that the division between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank is not bad for Israel, and that the real option on Gaza is to control and rule it.

"If anyone thinks that there will be a Palestinian state that surrounds us on both sides, this will not happen," he said, stressing that he is not ready to deport one Jew. "They will stay here under the Israeli sovereignty, and we will remain responsible for their security," according to him.



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