Netanyahu warns Syria, Lebanon of consequences of any attacks on Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed that Tel Aviv would not allow Iran to position itself militarily on its northern border, warning Syria and Lebanon of the consequences of any attacks on Israel from their territories.

Netanyahu said at the start of the weekly government session, today, Sunday, that Israel on the northern front "operates according to a consistent policy that it will not allow Iran to position militarily at our northern borders."

He continued: "Syria and Lebanon bear responsibility for any aggression against Israel that stems from their lands. We will not allow our security to be threatened and our citizens threatened, and we will not tolerate any harm to our forces."

Netanyahu indicated that he is holding continuous sessions to assess the situation with the Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz, and the head of the IDF's General Staff, Aviv Kochavi, adding that the Israeli forces are "ready to respond to any threat."

Last Friday, the Israeli army launched raids on Syrian army positions in the south of the country, claiming to respond to fire towards the occupied Golan.

The Israeli army also reinforced earlier this week its presence at the Lebanon border, in anticipation of a possible escalation with "Hezbollah".


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