New batch of displaced people, IS families reached al-Hol camp

A new batch of families of is mercenaries and some of the displaced people who were in al-Bagouz village arrived at al-Hol camp, while the camp's administration receives and provides aids to them.


A while ago, 9 trucks carrying nearly 800 displaced persons and some IS mercenaries' families arrived in al-Hol camp, east of al-Hasakah about 45 Km.

With the arrival of the new batch, the management of al-Hol camp rushed to receive these arrivals, and begin to provide health and relief assistance to them. For their part, teams and medical staff of the Kurdish Red Crescent rushed to receive cases of illness and injuries that appear.

According to the correspondent of ANHA agency in al-Hol camp, the expatriates are the families of IS mercenaries, including those who were liberated by SDF during the last days in the framework of the battle to defeat terrorism, as well as the families of IS mercenaries who surrendered themselves to SDF.

ANHA correspondent also pointed out that they are of different foreign nationalities while they are being undergone to some routine procedures of counting and distributing operations to the tents.

It is noteworthy that 2 thousand displaced people from al-Bagouz arrived at the camp. On Saturday, the number of displaced persons and refugees in al-Hol camp reached 45, 800 displaced persons and refugees.



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