New confessions about Syrian intelligence involvement in igniting sedition in NE Syria

One of the leaders of the Syrian security services cells revealed that the Syrian intelligence services are involved in assassinations that affect tribal leaders, targeting institutions in northern and eastern Syria with the aim of igniting sedition and spreading chaos in the region and exploiting them to re-impose their control.

In the past few days, the eastern countryside of the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor witnessed assassinations of notables and sheikhs of Arab tribes in the region, in addition to targeting prominent national and social figures, which created a state of turmoil among the people.

With the movement of armed groups in the region, and targeting the Syrian Democratic Forces' (SDF) fighters and the Internal Security Forces (ISF), SDF rushed to launched a security operation to restore security in the region, which resulted in the arrest of dozens of militants and those behind those actions, and they said that they would publish it on the media.

The people in the region had accused the Syrian government forces and militias for pushing their elements and loyalists into the region to ignite discord between the members of the Arab tribes and SDF, and to create a state of chaos and instability in the region.

Hawar news agency obtained the necessary approvals to meet with one of the leaders of a secret cell of the Syrian security services known as "Mohamed Essam Salah," a Palestinian with Syrian nationality, born in the United Arab Emirates in 1988.

The cell leader, Mohamed Essam, was deported to Syria after being prosecuted by the UAE state for theft in late 2018.

Mohamed Salah says: "With my arrival at Damascus International Airport, I was arrested for two days at the airport, after which I was transferred to the Immigration and Passport Department, and from there I was transferred to the Criminal Security in Bab Musla in the capital, Damascus, and imprisoned."

He stayed in prison for 20 days, and while he was in prison, he got to know one of his former friends on social media, called "Mohamed Khair Moza," who started luring him into working as an agent for the security branches of the Syrian government.

He said: "Mohamed Moza was a spy of the security services, and he was inside the prison and was staying with the prisoners as a spy. He made it clear to me that he would help me in the event of working with them in exchange for an amount of money for each mission, and after my approval, I was released."

Mohamed Essam Salah, in the Criminal Security Branch in Bab Musla neighborhood in the Syrian capital, Damascus, was assigned for intelligence tasks as an agent of the security branches of the Syrian government in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor by the Major in the Forensic Evidence Branch, Ramez Mohamed al-Sabawi.

One of the most important tasks assigned to Mohamed Essam Salah is to lead a group in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor in each of the towns of al-Bahra, Granij, Abo Hamam, and Hajin, and the group works on investigating information, threatening , bombings and assassinations.

The agent, Mohamed Essam Salah, arrived at the Autonomous Administration areas through al-Tabqa city crossing on January 2, 2019 to be introduced to the members of his cell after his arrival in al-Bahra town.

He said: "Khaled Khalif al-Amash and Ismail Khalaf al-Fares recieved me in the town of al-Bahra, and after that, I got to was introduced to the entire cell members; they were 9 members."

His cell, which he leads, consists of "Mahmoud Sawadi al-Mazal, Ibrahim Sawadi al-Mazal, Fayez Hanoush al-Mazal, Abdel Hamid, and Mazal Hanoush al-Mazal, Khaled Khalif al-Amash, Ismail Khalaf al-Fares, Rakan Khalil al-Mazal, and Abdullah Khalil al-Mazal."

In the context of his speech, Mohamed Essam Salah explained: "At the beginning of my work, I was asked to enter to one of the civil institutions in the area and work there, so I worked in the local council in al-Bahra town as a buffet worker."

He added, "In addition to my work, I was photographing all the reports that were received by the council, in addition to sending the names of workers in civilian institutions, within the military forces and the names of tribal leaders in the area to Major Ramez through WhatsApp, as well as members of the cell in the other towns."

He also worked on sending reports about the civil and military institutions in the region, and carrying out the bombing operations, as their group carried out the bombing operation that targeted the garage of Hajin town's municipality.

He was arrested on the 3rd of March of this year in al-Basira town in Deir ez-Zor eastern countryside when he tried to travel to Damascus to receive new instructions, which he described as secret from the Major Mohamed al-Sabawi and the Brigadier General of Criminal Security Mohamed Anwar.

Mohamed Salah says: "After we carried out some tasks and failed in others, the Major in the Forensic Evidence Branch, Ramez Mohamed al-Sabawi on the 3rd of March of this year called me, and requested a meeting in the Syrian capital, Damascus, to receive secret information for the next stage, I was arrested in al-Basira town on the same day during my travel."

Igniting popular strife with the aim of a coup against SDF

Regarding the objectives of the security branches of the Syrian government behind the formation of these cells, Mohamed Salah stated that "the aim was to provoke the street against the existing military forces to stir up sedition, and to accuse SDF of disturbing security, allowing the Syrian government forces to return to the region and restore their control over it after expelling SDF."

At the end of his speech, he noted that he had learned that a new phase would be entered into which is to start assassinations, and target all figures that deal with the military forces in the region.


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