New course of  ISF ended in al-Tabqa

Martyr Ali Melhem's Academy of Internal Security Forces (ISF) in al-Tabqa area today ended the training of the 34th course which named Martyr Wael Aliwi Course.

The course, which lasted for a month, included the various groups of the internal security forces in Al-Tabqa, where the trainees received intellectual lessons. The aim was to unite the thought on the principle of the democratic nation and the peoples' fraternity .

At the beginning of the ceremony and after holding a minute of silence, several speeches were made by the co-chair of the Executive Council, Shiyar Mohammad, who welcomed the audience and commemorated the martyrs.

He also talked about the liberation of al-Tabqa, which was celebrated by the people of al-Tabqa two days ago, stressing that the defeat of Daesh does not mean eliminating it.

In his speech, he also condemned the continuation of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries with its fascist policy in Afrin, the latest of which was the demographic change of Afrin to build the wall of partition to separate it from Syria.



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