New dissidents reveal some violations of Turkish intelligence, its gangs

The elements of Turkey's gangs continue to split and surrender themselves to Manbij Military Council. The new dissidents report the extent of mistreatment and torture they receive from the Turkish intelligence, who incite them to fight against the Syrian regime, asserting that mercenary gangs rely on smuggling, banditry and kidnapping to make money.


Hawar news agency (ANHA) held interview with dissidents from the ranks of Turkey's gangs whose name is Hamza Ibrahim al-Mawas and Alaa Darwish.

Hamza Ibrahim Mawas, 20 years old, from Jaeda village in the countryside of Kobani canton, used to live in Manbij city; he is married and has a child. Hamza's story began when he decided to go to Turkey to work. He stayed in Jarablus city for waiting to enter the crossing to Turkey, but could not pass because of the closure of the crossing.

During Hamzah's stay in Jarablus city he was exploited by some of his comrades who had already joined the Turkish mercenaries. They tricked him and told him that the forces of the Manbij Military Council had raided his house and were now required to go to Jarablus and asked him to join the ranks of Euphrates Shield’s mercenaries. "After this rumor I did not dare go back to Manbij and I had to join brigade of Liwa al-Shamal to get the money.

They claim to be “Free Army”, do not call for fighting the regime; SDF are considered sole enemy

Hamza pointed out that Liwa al-Shamal consists of nearly 2,000 mercenaries among Jarablus, al-Bab, al-Rai led by the mercenary "Captain Mustafa" who has full powers of the Turkish intelligence and owns a house in Turkey and comes intermittently to the Syrian territory to see the conditions of his mercenaries.

The dissident Hamza pointed out that he once attended a meeting held by Captain Mustafa in Jarablus, who was attacking the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) and considers them the first enemy to them. The mercenaries are always ready to fight them when asked to, and he says they will attack Manbij, Kobani, and all areas under the control of (SDF), while he did not mention even once to fight the Syrian regime, although these mercenary gangs consider themselves the "Free Syrian Army" who went out to fight the regime.

Internal fighting among mercenary gangs over most trivial reasons

Hamza stressed that there is no organization or consensus between the mercenary gangs backed by Turkey and they are always at odds and fighting among themselves and most of them are due to looting, robbery and banditry, and that they are fighting for the most trivial reasons. He mentioned that there were violent clashes between the mercenaries of Liwa sl-Shamal and Ahrar al-Sharqiya in Jarablus, as a member of the Liwa al-Shamal cursed the elements of al-Sharqiya on the social network "Facebook" following this was attacking the last point of Liwa al-Shamal and the clashes for more than an hour where a number of mercenaries from both sides were killed and wounded, and then intervened other teams of mercenaries and stopped the clashes and handed over mercenaries who is insulting al-Sharqiya faction of them and most likely have been killed.

They rely on smuggling, banditry and kidnapping to make money

The dissident Hamza noted that they were not dependent on the salary given to them from Turkey, because they were late in paying their salaries up to 4 or 5 months pay them, so the elements of mercenary gangs rely primarily on the smuggling of European cars and taking money at the checkpoints of trucks loaded with goods, especially those going to Manbij city. He said that they were taking from each truck 100 $ shared by the elements of the Aoun al-Daddat checkpoint, in addition to that, some gangs were kidnapping citizens and demanding the ransom of their loved ones for their release.

Stressing that the situation in the areas controlled by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation is unstable and lacks of security and safety. The people are resentful at their actions because of the large number of kidnappings, looting and rape known by the mercenaries of Sultan Sulaiman Shah belonging to Turkish intelligence, in addition to the violations of Mercenaries Ahrar al-Sham and Ahrar al -Sharqiya in Azaz area.

Turkish intelligence tortured them for 20 days because of a joke

Al-Darwish, a 21-year-old dissident, said that he joined the mercenaries Jabha al-Shamya and stayed with them for five months and then joined the mercenaries of Liwa al-Shamal for 9 months. He noted that the Turkish intelligence and the Turkoman gangs associated with them are practicing various forms of torture and insults against the elements of the other factions. On their opposition, and recounted an incident with him and how he was tortured with four of his comrades by the Turkish intelligence because of a joke!

Al-Darwish went on "I was with three of my comrades at a point near a Turkish border post. While we were shaking hands with one of our comrades, Khadr al-Ahmad, he took up his gun pointing it towards the Turkish post without firing shots. After four hours, element of the post came to us and showed our companion as he pointed the gun towards the post where the cameras on the border caught him. The situation going this way, we were insulted and humiliated and the soldiers left. The situation developing more and more, the Sultan Murad’s mercenaries came with 15 cars, handcuffed us and took us to Kilis city. We were subjected to torture for 20 days after that they released us, and our leaders did not dare even to defend us or question about us."

At the end of their talk, Hamza and Ala pointed out that they coordinated with the forces of Manbij Military Council and joined the ranks of the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation. They reached Manbij and surrendered to the council. At the same time, they appealed to all their comrades in these mercenary gangs to split "The leaders of the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation and the Turkish intelligence exploit us, for their personal ends and you have to survive before it is too late."



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