New explosion in the Iranian capital, Tehran

A new explosion hit a residential building in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on Saturday, wounding one person. In a new accident in the country.

The semi-official student news agency in Iran quoted a fire department in Tehran as saying on Saturday that a gas explosion hit a residential building in the capital, wounding one person.

A spokesman for the fire department told the agency that several gas cylinders were in a cellar that exploded, which led to the building being damaged and a resident being injured.

The country witnessed several explosions around military, nuclear and industrial facilities during the last week, while the commission did not provide any additional information about the cause of the explosion and did not say if there were any victims.

Electricity was cut off in the explosion area, on the outskirts of western Tehran, the agency said.

Last Tuesday, the Iranian News Agency reported that two people were killed in an explosion at a factory in southern Tehran.



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