New face of the Turkish war on the Syrians, Lebanon to more unknown

Observers believe that a Turkish water cut off is another face of a war through which it tries to impose a painful reality in Syria that extends beyond the economic impact to very dangerous effects that infiltrate the population structure racially, while the "fire ball" is still rolling along the Lebanese internal scene and its width.

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On Tuesday morning, the Arab newspapers touched upon the Turkish intervention in Syria, in addition to the Iraqi situation, and the Lebanese crisis.

Al-Arab: The Water War is the other side of Turkish intervention in Syria

Al-Arab newspapers issued this morning dealt with several issues on the Syrian issue, the most prominent of which was Turkish intervention. In this context, Al-Arab newspaper said: "The state of disintegration and chaos in Syria for the tenth year in a row led to its transformation into a loophole through which the Iranian and Turkish expansion projects infiltrated. Either at the expense of Arab and regional national security, the Iranian project through its alliance with al-Assad regime in Damascus, and Turkey through its embrace of many currents of the Syrian opposition and the fragmented military faction.

And added: "The Iranian role is clear-cut, but the most dangerous is the ambiguous Turkish role, and no matter how different the policies of the opposing spectra in Turkey around it, they return and intersect when the issue of restoring the lost Turkish influence is almost passed today today for more than a century. Until this turned The file indicates the most prominent populist political investment to win the Turkish street, ship it and win any electoral process that takes place in Turkey.

Turkey's perception of the future of the Syrian neighbor, a foggy perception that reflects the blurring of the political vision of the Justice and Development Party led by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that policy that does not want and cannot get out of the illusions of political Islam, to which is added the Turkish nationalist factor that appears clearly in the face of the Turkish Kurds and the Kurdish issue generally, no matter how many areas you move in.

Turkey did not take into account the difficult circumstances resulting from the recent spread of coronavirus, despite international appeals, which said that the Turkish authorities must "make every effort to resume the supply of water from the water pumping station in Alok near Ras al-Ain, which includes more than 450 thousand Syrians north of al-Hasakah, in addition to three camps for the displaced.

The Syrian Kurdish dissident in Dubai, Walid Haj Abdul Qadir, says in statements related to Al-Arab that “Turkey, from the beginning of the formation of the Turkish state, has set its sights on the issue of water, and used it as a pressure card on its neighbors.

The reality imposed by Turkey in Syria goes beyond the economic impact to very dangerous effects, which flow into the ethnic and sectarian population structure, a dislocation caused by the massacres and abuses committed and committed by some Syrian military factions that are subject to Turkish hegemony, whether in Idlib or Afrin, which was one of the most prominent implementers. Sultan Murad's battalion accused of kidnapping children and women. This battalion is made entirely of Turkmen and has not been spared by even energy installations and construction facilities in the areas it controls.

The Turkish investment in the life and future of the Syrians became clear by recruiting elements from the Syrian factions and sending them to fight in Libya, which tarnished the image of the Syrians and accused them of working as mercenaries in the wars of others and leaving their country in a state of war. And the Libyan National Army spokesman, Ahmed al-Mismari, previously stated that "the Turkish regime has worked to transfer about 17,000 terrorists from Syria to Libya in recent days."

Haj Abdul Qadir says that he reads the Turkish role, not only from the role of Ankara in the Syrian north, but also since the beginnings of the Syrian war, and he adds: “Since the tragedy of Zabadani, Muadamiyah, Daraya, Homs, Hama, Aleppo and all the regions that Erdogan declared (red lines), it turns out that the line The only red is the Turkish interest and the interest of Erdogan and his party.” He added: “As a Syrian citizen, I do not speak only as a Kurd. I realize that Turkey dreams of recovering the states of Aleppo and Mosul, and until this goal is achieved, it focuses on certain goals, such as oil and gas, the vitality of the region, and the whole range of issues that Europe is bartering.”

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: A "muffler" assassinates a prominent security expert in Baghdad

On the Iraqi issue, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper said: "An armed gang assassinated the prominent Iraqi expert on the affairs of armed groups, Hisham Al-Hashimi, yesterday evening, in front of his house in Ziyouna area, central Baghdad.

In a brief statement, the Director of Public Relations and Information at the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, Major General Saad Maan, confirmed al-Hashemi's death following "an armed attack that led to his immediate death," noting that "the assassination was carried out with a silencer aimed at the head and abdomen."

Al-Hashemi is among the most knowledgeable and expert Iraqi security experts on the file of armed groups, whether those linked to al-Qaeda and ISIS, or factions and militias linked to Iran, and has sharp critical opinions from these groups.

Al-Hashemi was diagnosed about an hour before his assassination, around nine o'clock yesterday, the divisions in Iraq through 3 points, and he wrote it in "Twitter", as he wrote: "The Iraqi divisions were confirmed by: First, he knew the quotas that the occupation brought" Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds, Turkmen, minorities "who are the essence of Iraq in components, and secondly the dominant Shiite, Sunni, Kurdish, and Turkmen" dominant parties, which wanted to confirm their gains through division. And thirdly, the religious parties that have replaced party rivalry with sectarianism.”

Al-Bayan: Lebanon … The slogan of "changing the government" is declining

Lebanese, Al-Bayan newspaper said: "The" fire ball "is still rolling along the Lebanese internal scene and its width, because the people of all groups are extremely angry, and the country lacks the officer to rhythm and curb its regressive expeditions towards the unknown fate."

And added, "As for the people of authority, they still depend on temporary treatments for this reality, and on measures that are drowning in measures that are not appropriate to the nature of the stage."

In light of information that confirmed to Al-Bayan turn the page of any government change, in light of the position of "Hezbollah" rejecting this matter, and the feeling of the various parties that they could not agree on an alternative to President Hassan Diab, then the absence of an international position that is pressing, enough to achieve the change The desired ministerial sources indicated that the slogan "changing the government" will be replaced by the slogan "changing the performance of the government".

As for the measures required for pre-fall treatment, they will start from the loaf and not end with the desired reforms locally and internationally. And also affirmed that President Diab is not in the process of resigning, because he refuses to escape responsibility to the unknown, and indicated that he can resign in only one case, namely that an internal and external consensus be reached on the new government and the name of its president, but that he is meant to leave on a basis « Get up, "it is" something he cannot accept. "

On the other hand, political sources opposed to Al-Bayan indicated that the current authority does not seem to change its "aggravating" behavior and listen to the people's cries, despite its inability to find solutions to any of the crises, and in light of its failure in its negotiations with the International Monetary Fund to cause a split The official Lebanese delegation on its own, the supposed "independents" government is not in a position to admit failure.



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