​​​​​​​New joint patrol launched west Kobani

The Russian military police started a new joint patrol with the Turkish occupation forces on the Syrian-Turkish border, west of Kobani.

In implementation of the Sochi understandings signed between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian Vladimir Putin on October 22 last year, Russian military police and Turkish occupation forces continue to run joint patrols on the Syrian-Turkish border in northern Syria.

Moments ago, a new joint patrol between Russia and Turkey west of the city of Kobani in northern Syria was launched from the border village of Ashma, with the participation of 4 Russian and 4 Turkish armored vehicles.

As planned, the patrol would roam the villages of Asham, Gargilli, Jabnah, Katash, Jab al-Faraj, Derbazin, Binder, Qara Qawi, Quli, Sosan, Siftek, Boban, Khor Khori Jorge, Qiran.



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