New kidnapping campaign targets Afrin residents of Jandrees district

Local sources from the occupied Afrin canton confirmed the kidnapping of a number of civilians, including women in the villages of Janders district by the Turkish intelligence with the participation of the mercenaries of the so-called "Liwa Samarkand and Jaish al-Sharqiyya," in addition to holding a raid and search campaign of civilian homes.

Sources from the region reported that the Turkish intelligence and the mercenaries of Samarkand and Jaish al-Sharqiyya kidnapped 11 citizens from Kafr Safra village and seven citizens from Koran village of Janders district in Afrin occupied canton.

The kidnapped citizens from Kafr Safra village are: "Mostafa Khello bin Mohammed 50 years old, Agid Khello bin Mostafa 21 years old, Shiyar Khello bin Abdel Rahman, Abdo Akhras bin Badri Kamal 20 years old, Morad Sido Khello, Hassen Ayoub Abdo (disabled) 50 years old, Amina Hassen Ayoub, Fatima; wife of Muhammad bin Abdel Rahman Darwish from Azaz city, Almaz Khalil Haji Abdo; wife of Rashid Salah al-Din, Salah Rashid Mahmoud, Mostafa Jaafar, nicknamed Abo Agid."

The kidnapped citizens from Koran village are: "Ahmed Hussein Muhammad Dekko, Mahmoud Ahmad Hajj Brim, Muhammad Nabi Hannan, Jihad Shukri, Riyad Morad Kedro, nicknamed Deqqo, Rezan Hussein Youssef, Suleiman Hikmat Hannan."

The source pointed out that the mercenaries kidnapped civilians under the pretext of dealing with the Autonomous Administration institutions in the past, and itadded that the fate of the kidnapped is still anonymous.



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