New methods of arresting youth in occupied Afrin

  Mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army are going on their violations against Afrin people; the citizen (F.M) says that mercenaries are following new methods in arresting the young people.

 The citizen (F.M) is telling his story and stressing that he did not give personal information for security reasons. He left his village 20 days ago because of the violations of the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation and pressures. He told Hawar News Agency.

Since the occupation of Afrin, mercenaries have begun looting and stealing people's property and committing violations against civilians." he said.

"Before I left my village, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army raided on the village under the name "campaign against the spoilers", they entered the houses indiscriminately, broke the houses doors, ransacked them, and beat an elderly person simply because he told them why they treated us like that," he said.

 "The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation are using dirty methods with the aim of arresting the young people in Afrin, when young people pass the security checkpoints,  they call them, Haval (Rafiq) after a short distance; if someone makes a mistake and turn to them, they arrest him under the pretext of dealing with the YPG, then they ask his relatives for a ransom for his release."

"They kidnapped one of the youths from our village, nothing is reported of him, they also kidnapped the owner of the generator in the village, demanded a ransom in exchange for his release, and after paying the ransom, they released him," al-Afrini explains. 

"Al Hamzaat mercenaries kidnapped one of the girls from the village, when they left their house at night to switch on the electricity to her house, her fate is still unknown since seven months," he said.

The young Afrini explains that the reason for his departure from the village is his inability to tolerate violations of the Turkish occupation and mercenaries against civilians and villagers, so he decided to leave the village.

 "I received news that the mercenaries were determined to arrest me, because I gave the names of the martyrs to my children, so I decided to leave the city out of fear for the safety of my family members," he said.


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