New rifts in AKP, Davutoglu resigns

Former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced his resignation from the Justice and Development Party (AKP) on Friday.

The announcement of Davutoglu's resignation came a few days after the decision to refer him to the disciplinary committee, which commented that "the date of my conversion to a disciplinary committee is the date the AKP abandoned its basic principles," Al Arabiya net reported.

At the press conference in which he announced his resignation from the ruling party, the former party leader pledged to establish a "new political movement", calling on everyone to join this movement.

The former Turkish prime minister, in late April, criticized his Justice and Development Party, and expressed "unease within it."

Turkish media say that Davutoglu is known for his repeated criticism of the party's policies and the government's management of the economy, and has repeatedly criticized Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself.

Observers say the dissidents consider the party "deviated from its objectives" and that there are "profound disparities" between its leaders, stressing the need for a "new vision."

For months, Davutoglu has been leading a rebellion against his former comrade Erdogan, and has been highly critical of him, especially during the two-time provincial elections in Istanbul, most recently on June 24. He also denounced, earlier, the decision of the Turkish Interior Ministry under which the mayors of three Kurdish municipalities in the country were dismissed.

In August, Davutoglu (referring to Erdogan without naming him) waved the "books of terrorism".

Ahmet Davutoglu is a former senior official in Turkey, who was foreign minister from 2009-2014, prime minister from 2014-2016, and a former ally of Erdogan.


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