New scandal for Turkish media in Afrin

A video from inside Afrin city showed the size of the misleading, lying and hypocrisy practiced by the media of the Turkish occupation state to legitimize its occupation of Afrin and cover up its crimes against civilians.

NEWS DESK - The scandals of Turkish media, pro-government of Justice and Development, and the extent of media misinformation practiced by the Turkish occupation army and terrorist gangs are no less criminal.

The social networking sites has posted a video clip on one of the Turkish satellite channels, showing the size of the hypocrisy and disinformation media.

In the illustrated section, the correspondent of " Khabar Turk ", Fayez Itish showing interviews with Afrin people and asks them about the situation of Afrin before and after the coming of the Turkish army and its affiliated gangs .

"We do not want to see the presence of the gunmen in Afrin because the Free Syrian Army is not a free army," says one of the residents of Afrin. "The Free Syrian army is the army of theft, robbery and looting, they are terrorists, they looted our homes and kidnapped our women. Last night raped three girls at the age of 15. "

Only the translator accompanying the reporter translated the modern man Afrini as follows  "We do not want those who are outside Afrin to be in Afrin, they are looting our money and property People Protection Units (YPG) are attacking our honor, we do not want them to be here, they are not the true friends of this land".

This and other dozens of news reports prepared by the Turkish media from Afrin show the extent of the falsity and deception exercised by the Turkish occupation state to legitimize its occupation of Afrin and coverage of crimes committed by the Turkish army and terrorist gangs against the civilian.





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