New Turkish military cargo plane arrives in Libya

Air traffic tracking images from "Flight Radar" website showed the arrival of a Turkish military cargo plane to Al-Wattia Air Force Base near Tripoli, where Ankara continues to transport weapons and mercenaries to Libya.

Turkey set up an air bridge with Tripoli, based on an agreement with the government of reconciliation, and the C-130 plane that launched from the Turkish city of Antalya towards the Libyan capital was the last plane to pass through it.

The plane arrived in Tripoli after a meeting held by Turkish Defense Minister Khulusi Akar in Ankara, with his Qatari counterpart and Minister of Interior in the Government of Accord, Fathi Pashaga, coinciding with the escalation of tension in Libya.

The official visits of officials of the Libyan Government of National Accord to Ankara continued, the most recent of which was of Pashaga.

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