​​​​​​​New war crime.. Turkish occupation targets bakery of Al-Raba'at village

​​​​​​​The Turkish army committed a new war crime against the people of NE Syria over targeting the only bakery in the village of Al-Raba'at in Hasaka Canton, the bakery was providing bread to the residents of more than 20 villages and towns.

On Tuesday, ANHA correspondent managed to enter the village of Al-Raba'at, which is constantly exposed to artillery shelling by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries to document the occupation's crimes and its direct targeting of the village's bakery.

According ANHA correspondent the village bakery, which is the only bakery that supplies the area with bread, and is owned by the citizen Nuri Nuri, a resident of the area, was subjected to artillery shelling, on November 23, which caused great material damage to the bakery and its equipment.

ANHA's pointed out that the bakery used to provide the needs of the residents of more than 20 villages and towns of bread, and it produced 2,200 bundles of bread per day.

Several hours after ANHA correspondent documented the targeting of the bakery, the Turkish occupation army re-targeted it with heavy artillery, without being able to know the extent of the damage and destruction.

International law criminalizes targeting service facilities and considers it a war crime, but the international forces did not do anything towards the repeated Turkish crimes on NE Syria.



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