New York Times: Aggression of Turkey returned IS threats , Washington generals warned Ankara

The New York Times warned that suspension of a military offensive by SDF against the last positions of IS in eastern Syria because of the Turkish aggression and its bombing of areas in northern Syria, renewed IS mercenaries risks again.


The New York Times said in an article published today

"The cessation of the military offensive by the Syrian Democratic Forces against the last remnants positions in east of Syria, because of the aggression that the international coalition forces did not expect which was represented by the Turkish bombing on areas in northern Syria and near the centers, has renewed the risk of IS again.

According to the newspaper, "the remarkable thing was the coincidence of an offensive attack with the Turkish bombardment of northern Syria over the past two weeks."

Last week, Syrian Democratic Forces, stopped the main force that fight IS to restore the last position of IS Which caused a kind of tension, which called for the intervention of US diplomats and generals to ease the tension in northern Syria, and to send a message to the Turks which noted "It is not permissible to hit our allied forces and fight instead of the world to eliminate IS, but this incident highlights the changing nature of the war against IS, a threat that still continues.

US and coalition officials said the military offensive, due to close by December, looks like it will continue early next year. This was before Turkey attacked sites in northern Syria, prompting leaders in SDF to suspend its offensive against IS.

Officials said that US forces on Sunday, patrolled northeast Syria near the Turkish border in three armored vehicles in the second force review aimed at easing tension since Friday.



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