Newroz Ahmed: YPJ are committed to continue struggle and fulfilling their responsibilities

The SDF Commander Newroz Ahmed said that the YPJ will continue to undertake its responsibilities until a democratic Syria is achieved.

The Women's Protection Units will perform the tasks entrusted to them

The speech of the Women's Protection Units by a member of the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Newroz Ahmad, who saluted all the participants in the meeting, the 8-year struggle against all mercenary forces and groups has entered a new stage," Ahmed said. Many victories have been achieved. During the most dangerous stages, the fighters of the Women's Protection Units (YPJ) to undertake its duties in the new stage that we are on it now "

Our troops are going to be more professionalism

Newroz Ahmed added, “Historical victories have been achieved through the solidarity and unification of all components. These gains will be protected and defended until the end, therefore, our forces will strengthen their training and move towards professionalism, so that together we can end the danger to us and live in a democratic Syria. Our position in the YPG is clear and well-known, that we will continue to carry out our responsibilities until the end. "

The co-chair of the Syria Democratic Council SDC, Amina Omar, delivered a speech congratulating all the military councils participating in the meeting, "We are confident that our forces will achieve victory and successfully pass this new phase, where SDF is a force that has won the trust of the people of the region and managed to defeat ISIS terrorism."



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