​​​​​​​Newroz Oysal: CPT report is not enough, committee must play its role

The lawyer of leader Abdullah Ocalan indicated that what was revealed by the Committee against Torture (CPT) of the Council of Europe in its report is not enough, and she said: "This committee should play its role and end isolation according to what it stated in its report.

The Council of Europe Committee Against Torture (CPT) indicated in a report that it met all the prisoners in Imrali Prison during its visit to the prison in 2019, and said: “There has been no change in the prison system since its first visit in 2016, and in this context a lawyer of the leader Abdullah Ocalan Newroz Oysal, told Hawar news agency (ANHA) “The Committee Against Torture (CPT) should issue an official statement, in which it refers to the violations committed by the Turkish state, whether in terms of internal or international rights.

Newroz Oysal indicated that the committee disclosed its report after a year and a half, and added: “The report contained opinions and proposals against the Imrali prison system with regard to prison visits, and the Committee against Torture revealed the report after a year and a half. Unfortunately, the report also includes that with regard to on international visits, the Committee against Torture is not permitted to issue its reports without the official approval of state officials, with one exception being the case, which is if the committee finds a dangerous and contrary to human rights situation, the committee can publish its report without waiting for the approval of the official authorities, and even if it is not completed. The report was published in full in this case, it will issue a statement on the dangerous or contrary situation for human rights in accordance with international laws, but unfortunately, for 21 years the Committee against Torture has not issued any statement against the Turkish state, but is sufficient to issue its report if the state permits Have a visit. "

On a question about the reason why the Turkish state allowed the commission to issue its report after a year and a half, Newroz Oysal said: "Preventing us from visiting my Imrali amid the spread of the Corona pandemic has reached the level of danger, and therefore we are constantly protesting against this legal violation, and there are political protests and activities. And continuous social, and this move highlights the importance and sensitivity of the situation, which led to the publication of the report. "

'The content of the report is important.'

Newroz touched upon some of the report: "The report's findings are important to us, and the results of the report, for example, are that Mr. Ocalan and the rest of the prisoners in Imrali prison are not allowed to play sports together, talk together or exercise the rest of the detainees' rights. These rights are not granted to detainees, as the report stated that prisoners can only meet once every 5 days, and for one hour only, and this is something that is rejected by international laws as well as Turkish laws, they must be allowed to meet and speak, as the same report extensively explores Regarding the issue of family visits and visits by lawyers, preventing family visits and lawyers' meetings under the pretext of disciplinary penalties is against the laws. Regular visits and meetings must be allowed. The arguments and reasons provided by the Turkish state are not acceptable to us and to the Committee Against Torture, and the committee called on the Turkish state to Allow visits and meetings. "

The state must act immediately to amend its laws

She indicated that leader Ocalan is sentenced to life imprisonment, and therefore the European Court of Human Rights stated in its 2014 decision that it considers the situation in my state to be a state of torture, and the punishment must be modified in accordance with Turkish laws.

She added: "The Committee against Torture stated in its report that Mr. Ocalan was sentenced to life imprisonment and hard, and that the system established for this punishment is illegal and unacceptable.

The Turkish state must act immediately to amend its laws and abolish this punishment, as the report called for the establishment of a permanent legal system in my command, as it appeared in this report that there is a violation of the laws, in addition to the existence of a torture system in Imrali prison.

Newroz Oysal noted the insufficiency of the meetings, and what was stated in the report of the Committee against Torture, and said: "We call on the committee to follow up on the report's outputs and the proposals that it put forward to the Turkish state, until these abuses are canceled. For the past 21 years, the Turkish state has rejected our proposals with various arguments, We ask the Committee against Torture to issue official statements against the Turkish state, and to say that the Turkish state does not perform its responsibilities, and that it violates its international obligations, such statements must be issued by the European Council and international public opinion, and this matter would constitute political pressure and diplomatically on the Turkish state, the findings of the report are real matters, and we also mention that what is contained in the report is incomplete and not exaggerated, we call on the Committee against Torture to fulfill the responsibilities that fall upon it."



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