News about quartet meeting of deputy foreign ministers 

​​​​​​​A newspaper quoted sources as saying that a forthcoming meeting will be held among the deputy foreign ministers (Syria, Russia, Iran and Turkey).

Informed sources in Moscow revealed to Al-Watan newspaper, which is close to the Damascus government, that the meeting of the "Quartet" will take place this month, indicating that the meeting will take place at the level of deputy foreign ministers (Syria, Russia, Iran and Turkey).

The sources pointed out that the deputy foreign minister in the Damascus government, Ayman Sossan, will attend this meeting.

In turn, "Al-Mayaden" channel, quoted the director of the Syrian file in the Turkish occupation Foreign Ministry, Korhan Qarqosh, as saying: "The dialogue with Damascus is part of the quartet meeting hosted by Moscow," noting that "it will be decisive in reaching to a settlement in Syria.

And the former Turkish foreign minister, Mawolud Chawshoghlo, who previously announced that "his country decided to form a committee whose mission is to prepare an action plan for normalizing relations with Syria.



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