Newspaper: New Turkish plans to send Syrian mercenaries to Greek border

A Greek newspaper reported on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's intention to recruit Syrians to send them as mercenaries to the border with Greece.

The Greek newspaper "Greek City Times" reported that the Armenian journalist of Syrian origin, Abraham Kasparian, revealed through leaked talks among "terrorists" present in Idlib that Turkey is now recruiting Syrian mercenaries in order to send them to the Greek border.

The newspaper pointed out that the Armenian journalist is known to be one of the first to shed light on Turkey's recruitment of Syrian mercenaries to fight against the Armenian forces in Nagorno Karabakh region.

The Armenian channel "Erm News" correspondent said in his daily bulletin on Wednesday that it is being published among the Syrian mercenaries in Idlib that the war between Greece and Turkey is "very possible" and that there are thousands of Syrian mercenaries ready to be sent to the land border with Greece.

Reports indicate Erdogan's plans to transfer mercenaries to Greece for possible escalation.

While the Syrian war has been ongoing since 2011, Turkey continues to support mercenaries in the war-torn country, and it is unwilling to give up its control over Idlib, which prolongs the suffering.

According to the Armenian journalist, it seems that some of those mercenaries will be sent to the land border between Greece and Turkey in the Thrace region.

The United States and the European Union seek to contain the crises in the eastern Mediterranean, the Caucasus and the southern Mediterranean, but those efforts falter in light of Erdogan regime's insistence on investing in chaos.

Intelligence reports indicate the presence of Syrian mercenaries affiliated with Ankara in Libya and Azerbaijan, but this is the first time that a possible presence on the border with Greece has been revealed.


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