Newspaper: Two Turkish cargo planes arrive at Maitakeya airport

Turkey continues to violate Security Council resolutions prohibiting sending weapons to Libya; As it sent two military cargo planes loaded with weapons and ammunition to Maitika airport, according to military sources.

According to Al-Ain Newspaper, Ankara sent two Turkish military cargo planes on Wednesday evening to the Libyan capital, Tripoli, loaded with weapons and ammunition, which were unloaded at Maitika airport.

The newspaper added that the cargo was transported at night in total darkness due to the blackout in the center of the capital, westward.

It is expected that these weapons will reach Al-Wattia base to secure them after the Libyan army targeted them and destroyed their air defense systems.

According to the ItaMil Radar website, which specializes in meteorology, a new bilateral flight of Turkish aircraft to Libya was monitored, where Lockhead (C-130E 63-13188) and Airboy (A400M 16-0055) aircraft left for a new logistical flight.

Libyan activists circulated pictures from the streets in Tripoli of military vehicles - which are likely to be the unloaded cargo - heading to the western side of the capital.

Libyan activists expected the shipment to include air defense systems currently being sent to Al-Wattia base, which was recently targeted by the national army.

The Turkish media had announced on Wednesday that the Turkish naval forces will hold huge naval exercises off the Libyan coast during the coming period, bearing the name (Navitex) in 3 different regions.

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