Newspaper: US army suddenly deploys missile system in Israel

An Israeli newspaper said that the US army deployed on Monday and suddenly an air defense system in Israel to protect it from missiles.

 The Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported that the US military army completed today a defensive maneuver in Israel, and deployed the missile defense system "THAD" in its territories.

The newspaper pointed out that more than 250 soldiers and experts from the US military army had arrived in Israel to deploy and operate the system.

According to the newspaper, the deployment of the US defense system took place to protect Israel from ballistic missile attacks.

The THAAD, a land-to-air missile defense system is used by the US and its allies against the ballistic missiles in order to protect the forces and the main populated areas and infrastructure. The THAD system can intercept short- and medium-range ballistic missiles inside and outside the atmosphere.



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