NGOs: Half of children of Syria know only conflict

"The National" newspaper of the UAE said that half of the children of Syria grew up and they know nothing but conflict and displacement.


The newspaper pointed out to the report of (Save the Children International Organization), released before the Brussels conference to support the future of Syria and the region, said that half of the children in Syria grew up knowing nothing but conflict and displacement.

The report added that every child under the age of 16 lived in childhood under the war more than he lived outside, calling for "early recovery of children in Syria."

"Many children in Syria have grown up knowing nothing but war, seeing and experimenting with things that no child should have done," said Helle Thorning-Schmidt, executive director of the international Save the Children Organization.

The organization invited delegates to the Third Donor Conference in Brussels, to be held on 12-14 March, to publicly commit to supporting Syrian children by providing sustainable funding to key sectors on the basis of further consultations with children and young people.

It noted that the international community must take concrete steps to create conditions for peace and protect children.

Many children lost a relative, had a parent or brother in detention, were missing or disappeared, and thousands were orphaned or separated from their families, where 6.2 million people fled their homes in the chaos of war.



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