Nine civilians from Afrin are kidnapped, taken to unknown destination

Mercenaries of the Turkish occupation kidnapped 9 citizens of the suburbs of Shara, Mobata and Janders, and were taken to an unknown destination.

The phenomenon of kidnapping and arrest by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in Afrin still persists, where the mercenaries abducted, yesterday, four citizens from the village of Arab Shekho of Mobata district, Afrin canton, and their names have not been identified so far.

In Shara area, 4 mercenaries were kidnapped by Israeli mercenaries. They are (Abdo Hanan, Hassan Shekho, Hussein Aref, and one of the children of Mukhtar village, whose name was not known).

Besides, the mercenaries abducted Mohammed al-Hamko from Janders.

The source said that the 9 abductees were taken to an unknown destination, while it is not known so far by any faction abducted.


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