No life in occupied territories

A citizen of the Turkish-occupied town of Qebasin said that the occupation imposes the policy of demographic change not only in Afrin but also in al-Shahba, pointing to insecurity and that  ISIS leaders who have changed dress and become leaders in Turkey's mercenary groups.

The areas occupied by Turkey since 2016 are witnessing insecurity, as well as systematic Turkish policies, especially in areas inhabited by the Kurds, where there were 200 Kurdish villages and towns in the areas of Jrablos, al-Bab, and Azaz.

In this context, the Hawar News Agency met with Mustafa Shaker, a fugitive from the Turkish occupation areas.

The social situation is bad in the occupied territories

Mustafa Shaker said that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries practice the policy of demographic change and the conversion of all villages and districts, especially Kurdish to Turkish areas through the imposition of the Turkish language in schools and the use of the Turkish language in writing and raising Turkish flags in all places and the use of the Turkish currency more than Syrian and described the situation in the occupied territories as bad, Shaker pointed to the living situation in the Turkish occupation areas and noted that unemployment is rampant among the people, there are tragic conditions in the absence of safety and stability, the people cannot get out of their homes, and if they go out they may be kidnapped or robbed and killed.

No security in the areas of the occupation and mercenaries

"There are daily car bombs and killings," said Shaker. It is noteworthy that the occupation mercenaries had killed two young men near the city of Jrablos in the way of ISIS under the pretext of dealing with the enemies.

Shaker stressed that the leaderships that led Daesh before the occupation of Turkey returned to become leaders of mercenaries who are now in those areas and do what they could not do during the presence of ISIS, torture, theft and killing of the people.

Speaking at the end of his speech, Mustafa Shaker said that the Turkish occupation claims that it will establish a safe area, but the areas he occupies daily witness killings, displacement and bombings!.



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