No solutions to ME crises amid ongoing isolation on Ocalan

After he showed his readiness to solve the outstanding crisis in the Middle East within a week, the isolation imposed on the leader Ocalan continues, in a step by Turkey to hinder the way to solve the outstanding crises in the region.

The Turkish occupation still follows the policy of imposing the isolation on the leader Ocalan for several years although the popular demands to end this isolation.

In this context, the co-chair of Afrin Region Council, Mohammed Naso said that the leader in his messages expressed his readiness to solve the outstanding issues and crises, but this ongoing isolation is evidence that the Turkish state tries to deepen these crises and prevent any possible solution.

He added that this isolation aim at targeting all the Kurdish, but the Kurdish people will not give up and millions of the Kurdish people follow the path of the leader and apply his philosophy till the end of the isolation and liberate the Afrin from the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

Nasao concluded at the end of his speech condemned the imposed isolation on the leader, adding " in legal terms, no country has the right to impose the isolation on a person of 70 years-old.

In the same context, the administrator in the Martyr Kendal of Tal Qerah village of al-Shahba canton, Mohammed Ali Rashid who has met with the leader in the past said preventing the lawyers and family of the leader from meeting the leader will prevent solving the outstanding crisis in the Middle East."   



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