No way for Syrian solution but through Syrian-Syrian dialogue

The administrator at the organizational office in the Future Syria Party, Aleppo branch, Imad Mussa, said the Syrian crisis is about to finish its 9th year, but the serious signs of the solution are not existed till now. He stressed that the key to the solution is through the Syrian- Syrian dialogue, and sitting all the components of the Syrian people on the same table for dialogue.

Imad's speech came during an interview with the correspondent of Hawar news agency about the possible solutions that may put an end for the Syrian crisis, that is about to end the 9th year.

Imad addressed the issue of the constitution and the established committee for its  formation, “The participation of all the components of the Syrian people is a matter of a great importance. We as a party think there is no solution for the Syrian crisis but through the participation of all the components of the Syrian people in forming the constitutional committee and having all to sit on the same table for dialogue that put a solution for the crisis, stop the bloodshed and open the way for the return of the displaced to their homeland.”   

 Mussa stressed on the need to respect the new constitution, freedoms and giving the full rights to all components of the Syrian people.

“It must conform with the standards of democracy and the principles of human rights, and be based on the separation between the three authorities to reach to a parliamentary state that takes the decentralized, democratic pluralism, and thus it is the best solution to get out of this crisis that has affected the Syrian people and left thousands of martyrs and wounded,” he said.

On the agreement between the Syrian regime and the Autonomous Administration, the administrator in the Future Syria Party believes that the crisis is forcing the two parties to negotiate in order to put an end to the conflict in the country, sit at a table of open dialogue, and respect the gains of martyrs in the north and east Syria areas.

 “Turkey puts obstacles in front of any peace process in the Middle East, not in Syria. It wants to restore its Ottoman glories and therefore it undermines the stability and security in the neighboring countries by supporting the extremist mercenaries such as Jabhet Al Nusra and the so-called National Army,” he addressed the Turkish role in Syria.

In the end of his speech, the administrator at the organizational office of the Future Syria Party, Manbij branch, Imad Mussa stressed, “There is no way for the solution in Syria but through the Syrian-Syrian dialogue to reach a peaceful Syria, and to put an end to the war and bloodshed because the ongoing war in the country has exhausted the Syrian people who suffered from murder, displacement, robbing, and looting.”



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