Northeast Syria's components: we are ready to protect border

In light of the ongoing Turkish threats to occupy the north and east of Syria, residents of al-Darbasiyah and al-Shadadi districts confirmed their readiness to protect the border from any external aggression.

Threats by the Turkish occupation state to attack northern and eastern Syria are continuing. After its occupation of Afrin, Turkey is now seeking to occupy northern and eastern Syria by massing its forces on the border.

In this regard, the Hawar News Agency met with a number of residents of al-Darbasiyah and al-Shadadi in al-Hasakah Canton in northern Syria, who stressed that Erdogan's main objective of these threats is to spread fear among the people and thwart the democratic project in the region and commit massacres against the people.

Our goal is to protect our borders

The Turkish occupation state suffers from internal crises today, in order to export these crises, it threatens the areas of north and east of Syria from time to time," said the citizen Khalid Shikmus.

He expressed his rejection of the Turkish threats to the areas of northern and eastern Syria, saying, "As citizens, our choice is to resist and confront any attack, and we reject the occupation in all its forms."

The citizen Khalil Daoud explained, "Our children are those who resisted ISIS mercenaries and made us live in security and safety. We are a people who love peace and do not want war. We will stand by our forces in one trench."

For his part, the citizen Ali Eso said that the Turkish occupation claims that we pose a threat to his national security, "but all these new methods are to occupy our areas as they occupied Afrin and commit massacres."

In a related context, the people of Shadadi renewed their commitment to the foundations of common life and their determination to defend the areas of northern and eastern Syria against the continued threats of Turkish occupation.

"We in the north and east of Syria, from all Arab, Kurdish, Syriac and other components, have the right to live together after we have joined forces against terrorism and defeated it," said Mohammed Abdul Khalef, a resident of al-Shadadi to ANHA.

  He added.""Our goal is one, our destiny is one, our victory is one, our enemy is one,

Al-Khalef condemned the silence of the international community, which sees the violations committed by the Turkish occupation without attempting to deter or intervene to end the attacks.

"We will not allow the Turkish occupation to move one step closer, the components in northern and eastern Syria will be the shield and fortress that defends this land " said Suleiman al-Darwish, head of the tribal council in al-Shadadi.




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