Nubal people must remember support Afrin people when they were trapped

The residents of Afrin, who are living in al-Shahba district, called on the people of the city of Nubal to not allow some groups to kidnap citizens who go to the city to meet their needs.

A few days ago, an unknown group of Nubal city have abducted four residents of Afrin city who live in al-Shahba district, while they were going to Nubal to buy their needs. After the kidnapping, they demanded the families of each citizen to pay a ransom of 400,000 SP.

In this context, Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with the people of Afrin who had forcibly displaced from their homes to al-Shahba and talked about the violations against them by the Turkish occupation mercenaries and the group that kidnapped the four citizens.

The citizen Lamia Sheikho, she is resident from Aleppo, referred to the siege imposed by the regime in al-Shahba district by imposing taxes on the basic needs imported from Aleppo.

What the group did in the town of Nubal and al-Zahra to kidnap civilians and demand a ransom from their relatives in exchange for their release is far from humanity," she added.

The citizen Zakwan Hassan said that "The city of Afrin was embracing the people of the whole region in light of the war in Syria, but the enemies of humanity tried by various means to undermine the brotherhood of the peoples," he said.

Hassan pointed out that "had it not been for the people of Afrin, the people of the city of Nubal and al-Zahra would have suffered the scourge of war.   The people of Afrin provided all their needs in light of the siege imposed by the mercenaries. Noting he that they met the charity by abusing the people and taking them to the regime's prisons in Aleppo.

Nubal city in northwest Aleppo remained besieged for more than two years by mercenary gangs between 2012 and 2014 and Afrin was the only outlet for the city.



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