Nujin Dêrik: Our forces conduct accurate ops in region... Turkey is terrorism's main supporter

Nujin Dêrik said that the Internal Security Forces, through their qualitative and accurate operations, managed to eliminate many terrorist cells and groups in the north-eastern regions of Syria. He pointed out that the investigations showed that many terrorist groups receive direct support from Turkey.

After Syrian Democratic Forces overwhelmingly defeated Daesh, its mercenary cells have been active in the region and targeted many cities and towns in northeastern Syria, most notably the successive bombings targeting the city of al-Raqqa, al-Tabqa and Manbij.

The official spokesman for the internal Security Forces in northern and eastern Syria, Nujin Dêrik, talked to our agency about the results of the special operations carried out against the sleeper cells of Daesh mercenaries.

"After the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) declared victory over Daesh mercenaries, the region has entered a new phase, the phase of eliminating mercenary cells, through special operations of the SDF and the Internal Security Forces in northern and eastern Syria." He said.

Now, after the defeat of Daesh mercenaries in northern and eastern Syria, the primary role of the Internal Security Forces is to clean the cells of mercenaries and control security in the region.

Not only Turkey...  regime is also involved in launching operations in northern Syria

Nujin confirmed that the mercenaries carried out several suicide operations in the areas of al-Raqqa, al-Tabqa and Manbij, especially in Deir ez-Zor area, where the cells are very active. She noted that not only these cells are affiliated to Daesh mercenaries, but also there are ones of the Syrian regime and Turkey and carry out operations under the name of Daesh and target areas where Syrian Democratic Forces and Internal Security Forces are.

"Both the regime and Turkey, through their agents or cells, are launching attacks on northeastern Syria without distinction between a military or civilian person in a desperate attempt to send messages to the public opinion that northeastern Syrian areas are not safe, but our forces managed to thwart many of these attacks and arrested those involved in these criminal acts."

The Special Forces of the Internal Security Forces in northern and eastern Syria carried out a series of precise and qualitative operations in which they arrested dozens of terrorist groups that were planning suicide attacks or attacks on areas in northeastern Syria.

Direct support from Turkey for terrorist cells and groups

As for the results of the operations launched by the Internal Security Forces, Nujin Dêrik said, "Our forces managed to arrest several groups directly affiliated to the Turkish MIT, Syrian regime, Jabhet al-Nusra and Daesh. During the investigations, it was found that these groups were planning most of their operations in the occupied cities of al-Bab, Jarablus, Idlib by the Turkish state in Syria."

Nujin noted that the most prominent groups that were arrested by the Internal Security Forces were working directly with the Turkish state and Turkey was supplying them with weapons, ammunition and all kinds of explosives and other supplies.

The Internal Security Forces spokesman in northern and eastern Syria, Nujin Dêrik, said at the end of her speech that the Internal Security Forces will intensively work to deploy checkpoints throughout the north-eastern regions of Syria, and will launch large-scale operations against cells and terrorist groups to clean the area completely of the danger they pose.



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