Ocalan foiled international plot, so we will break Imrali prison

 The administrator in Kongra Star in Afrin canton Zelal Xebat said, "The international conspiracy against the Kurdish people continues to this day," and said" "Ocalan in Imrali has emptied the plot of its sense, and it requires us to break the restrictions of Imrali by escalating the struggle and events."


The Kongra Star organized an extensive meeting of the Community Protection Forces-women in Afrin and al-Shahba, denouncing the international conspiracy that took place, the meeting was held in Serdam camp in al-Shahba canton in the presence of dozens of Kurdish and Arab women.

The place was decorated with pictures of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and flags of the Community Protection Forces - Women.

The meeting began with a minute of silence, after that the administrator in Kongra Star in Afrin canton Zelal Xebat pointed out that world states unanimously united and participated in the implementation of the plot against the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, and mentioned that the same conspirators were trying to set Ocalan in the trap of their capitalist regimes. However, Ocalan was aware of their plans and therefore conspired against him.

Zelal touched upon Ocalan's ideas that brought about changes in the Kurdistan arena and added ""The imposition of three-year isolation has been conclusive evidence of the international community's fear of democratic Ocalan's ideology and philosophy.”

Xebat noted to the importance of the events and activities organized all over the world to denounce the isolation on Ocalan led by the struggler Leyla Guven and her comrades, whose hunger strike is still ongoing, which is considered harsh blow to the conspiring states.

"We are a people who have made a promise to ourselves that we will not accept freedom without Ocalan, and this is what we will not back down from. Therefore, we must revive his ideas everywhere and stay in line until we break the chains of Imrali prison." she said.



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