Ocalan in the eyes of politicians, jurists and academics from the Middle East

Politicians, jurists and academician from the Middle East explained that the leader Abdullah Ocalan is an internationalist thinker, who created a real miracle in Imrali, has a global vision, and provided visions about the future of humanity as a whole. Therefore, all peoples, especially the peoples of the Middle East, must work for the freedom of Leader Ocalan, and that The Kurdish issue is not an internal conflict, but an international conflict.

The Leader Abdullah Ocalan's Freedom Committee organized a dialogue seminar under the slogan "Let us make the World Peace Day a start for the freedom of Leader Abdullah Ocalan", in the city of Qamishlo, in which a group of politicians, jurists, academicians and peace activists participated in North and East Syria, some Arab countries and Europe and Turkey, via the Zoom app.

The seminar was moderated by Akram Hassou, a member of the executive body of the Kurdistan National Congress, Aynwar Pasha, a member of the Social Justice Council in Al-Jazeera region, Abdul Ilah Mustafa, the co-chair of Rojava University, and Sabah Othman, a member of the Democratic Union Party Council.

A group of thinkers and jurists participated in the symposium, and they were Janet Ganesh, the lawyer of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, Dr. Ayman Aqil, the head of the Maat Foundation for Peace, Srusht Halajba, a lawyer and activist in the field of women's rights, Ph.D. Faik Colby, an analyst and politician, Fathi Mahmoud, director of the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Ahram, Ilhami Al-Meliji is a journalist and political writer. Sarkis Abu Zaid is a writer and political analyst. Ibrahim Murad is the President of the International Syriac Federation.

The seminar touched upon to several important topics, including rights and laws on peace, Ocalan's concept of peace.

Abdul Ilah Mustafa explained at the beginning of the seminar, "Ocalan believes that peace is a way of life, witnessing the most intense forms of politics, and it is not an easy matter that can be reached automatically, as it is closely related to war, as every war has its own peace, and he does not understand the meaning of Peace can never understand the meaning of war, and it will fight random and destructive wars. "

Mustafa indicated that the leader Abdullah Ocalan rejects the idea of a blockage in the situation of war or peace, because the situation will not continue indefinitely, and the matter is not related to the duration of the war, whether long or short, as all wars include in their logic solutions and not obstruction.

He believes that the problem lies in the wars that repeat themselves, because they eliminate the patterns of solutions, and at the same time, they will not change the results regardless of the condition of the minor party, which are naturally long wars in which the victor does not find real gains that he can seize.

Mustafa explained that the Kurdish people have long been calling for equality and freedom, and the Kurdistan Freedom Movement led by Commander Abdullah Ocalan represented the will of the Kurdish people in Turkey and other parts of Kurdistan, which was peaceful and transferred as a result of injustice and the systematic persecution practiced against the Kurds in Turkey to the armed struggle, except The Turkish state has tried to eliminate this movement and the Kurdish presence in Turkey, by forcibly emptying Kurdish villages and displacing their inhabitants, as nearly 4,000 Kurdish villages have been evacuated and their residents forcibly displaced inside and outside the country, and the vast majority of them live in camps in Iraq.

The latest real miracle in Imrali prison

For his part, Janet Ganesh, the lawyer of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, who joined the seminar through the application of Zoom, explained that the Turkish state, since the arrest of the leader Abdullah Ocalan until the moment, has been practicing illegal violations in cooperation and coordination with regional countries against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, so the international community is silent about isolation Tightening imposed on him now.

Janet Ganesh stated that the leader Ocalan, since his arrest in 1999 until 2020, caused a true miracle in Imrali, and said: “Ocalan has so far prepared tens of volumes that contain among them most of the outstanding problems in the Middle East and the world at large, how to find effective solutions to these problems, and how to build a real democratic system. Based on solid foundations and principles, it showed the history of the peoples of the region from the Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs.

Turkey and regional countries tried to distort Ocalan's thought

Fathi Mahmoud, director of the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram, explained that the leader Abdullah Ocalan proposed a special concept about peace and democracy in the Middle East, and rejected the idea of the nation-state. And he said, "Ocalan proposed the democratic nation project through which everyone participates in administration, in contrast to the state project, which is managed by a certain group only, and through the democratic nation project, all components can live together."

Ayman Aqil, President of Maat Foundation for Peace, touched upon the decisions issued by the United Nations from its founding until the year 2020, and said: "The United Nations has so far issued 2,500 resolutions on peace, but it has failed to achieve or impose peace in the world and the Middle East."

Sarkis Abu Zayd is a writer and political analyst who explained that the leader Ocalan is an international thinker with a global vision and presented visions about the future of all humanity.  He said, "The theory presented by Leader Ocalan is important for achieving peace in the whole world, and through it, peace and democracy can be achieved according to its principles and foundations of truth."

The Kurdish issue is not an internal conflict, but an international conflict

Lawyer Khadija Ibrahim, one of the participants in the symposium, explained to our agency that the United Nations should reconsider the Kurdish issue, and said: “The United Nations views the Kurdish issue as an internal conflict, but it is in fact an international conflict, because according to the laws of the United Nations, any people Or a group that struggles, if it is political or military for a long time, then that conflict becomes international and not an internal one, and it requires the United Nations to intervene. Therefore, leader Ocalan must be released because he is fighting for a people's cause, not an internal one.

Aynwar Pasha, a member of the preparatory committee for the seminar, explained that the committee will collect all the proposals received during the seminar, and according to these proposals, they will launch a comprehensive campaign for the freedom of leader Ocalan.



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