Ocalan's free thought thwarted international plot

Women from al-Shahba canton confirmed that the international plot against Ocalan has failed, through the people's adherence to the leader's free thought and democracy, and pledged to struggle and continue the activities until lifting the isolation and gain the freedom of Ocalan.


An international plot against the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan was carried out on February 15, 1999, where he was arrested and subjected to strict isolation by the Turkish occupation state. His lawyer and his family were prevented from meeting him after his thought spread throughout the world. Because of his democratic idea, which is aimed at the freedom of all peoples in the Middle East, in addition to liberating women from male mentality and highlighting their main and fundamental role in society.

In this regard, women from al-Shahba canton of all components pointed out that this plot did not reach its goals and failed through the cohesion of components to the thought of Ocalan.

The citizen Menal Sheikho of the Turkmen component said, "I learned about the thought of Ocalan 3 years ago and I realized that women have a large role in all areas and squares, and proved their presence on the ground in word and deed."

For her part, Yasmin Qali of the Arab component noted that after learning about the thought of Ocalan, she managed to liberate their ideas and get rid of the authoritarian mentality that capitalist countries seek to establish in society adding "We will resist till realization of the freedom of Ocalan and all the detainees in the prisons of the Turkish aggression."

While Bedria Wello of the Kurdish people in al-Shahba canton "After the international plot against the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan the peoples believing in the thought of the leader  made sacrifices, we as women we consider ourselves lucky because we know the ideas of Ocalan, that is why the plot failed to achieve its goals so far after 20 years."

Bedria promised that they would continue their struggle, spread the thoughts and philosophy of Ocalan, and organize themselves on these bases .



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