Ocalan's lawyers review Bursa prosecutor and Imrali prison administration to meet him

​​​​​​​The lawyers of leader Ocalan went to the Republican prosecutor's office in Bursa and the administration of Imrali prison in order to meet with him.

Lawyers of Leader Abdullah Ocalan, represented by Newroz Uysal, Jangiz Yorkly, Ibrahim Belmez and Mazloum Deng, have applied to the Bursa Public Prosecutor's Office and the Imrali Prison Directorate to meet with leader Abdullah Ocalan, that no information has been received for 18 months, amid a tight isolation.

The last contact of Leader Ocalan with his family was on March 25, 2021, via a phone call with his brother Mohammad Ocalan, which lasted for only 5 minutes and then the call was cut off.

It is worth noting that the lawyers of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, Rezan Sarija and Newroz Uysal, met with him 8 years later on May 2-22, on June 12-18 and on August 7, 2019, and since that time the lawyers have not been able to meet with leader Ocalan.


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